Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)

SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 23 (9 weeks late) - Volkswagen Polo GTI

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (1)

Gah, another Volkswagen. Well, a proper Volkswagen, not whatever's under their umbrella, at least.

It's a Polo.

Well, what do you get when you need to have a choice for any class of car for the German common man? However any angle you see, this is what Volkswagen's got you covered, no matter the scenario. Aside high performance sports and supercars, because you go to Lamborghini or Audi for that.

Taking on the compact hatch role for the company, or if you ask me, the proper modernized choice of the original Golf GTI. The Polo's actually existed solely to be the miniaturized understudy of the Golf since the 80s. So, of course that lives on to today, where the Polo is served as a side offering if you feel the Golf's too much big for you in a hot hatch.

With its 5th generation offering, coded the 6C, this revamped Polo GTI carries an Audi engineered 1.8L TFSI engine, with 190 horsepower carrying a compact 1.3 ton load. And thanks to Volkswagen knowhow of FWD machinery, the car's been hailed as an excellent selection if you want a compact hatchback with a sleight of performance on its name, proven that the Polo isn't discontinued like the Beetle is, and the fact this is the model of car that got Volkswagen to rallying fame in its era of mid 2010s WRC, though we're not getting that experience for this week's offering.

I suppose with BIG last week, it's right we go with compact this week. I should spell it like COMPACT. And also ROYAL? I told myself Candy has to get in grip with the Crown Jewels side of the Big 3, meaning I have to bring out the third member I've been holding back..


Episode 23: From Kent With Love?

A hotel in the middle of the city centre
Tokyo, Japan

While the city hustle and bustle occupy the many lives revolving around, two men step out, side by side, into the cool Tokyo morn, and obviously standing out from the usual lot around.

The first is museum curator Giles Crowden, while the other is his good friend slash business associate: a regal like man with an aura of wealth. Without further detail, the people that know him address this lordly identity as Lord Lysander Augustus V.

As they head out, they seem anxious from their stoic body movements, expecting something, but then decides to start off with a quick socializing with each other..

Giles: "Well, that was quite a way to start the day, milord?"

Lysander V: "I.. suppose so. Giles, my man, you don't have to address me like this. Sander as is is fine for you."

Giles: "But mi-Sander.. It's just that the amount of babbling I get for not giving you proper address back then.."

To reply, Lysander crossed his arms and raised his eyes in question, chatting back..

Lysander V: "That's, umm, different. We're knights scouring foreign land. I suppose I wouldn't want the red carpet treatment no matter where I'd be."

Giles: "No arguments there, Sander. I suppose I'll let Samantha know to lighten up our tone for you."

Lysander V: "I appreciate that, cheers. Where is Samantha? Mayhaps she's find herself not on time this moment."

All he has is a guess, but Giles didn't want to keep his friend waiting, failing to hesitate a reply as he gasped..

Giles: "My prediction: handling any issue getting our carriage, milord. That's the thing about her: you give her some space, and you find her as someone who defines reliable. Unlike certain other blighters I know."

Lysander V: "It's as you say: no arguments there."

Not a minute later, their car comes..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2)

Giles: "And that looks to be her."

Letting him in first, Giles opens the door and gestures.

As Lysander moves the seat forwards, he comments on the tardiness..

Lysander V: "Kept me waiting, Sam?"

Samantha: "Oh, I apologize, your Grace; surely I'm not to expect the likes of Tokyo's morning rush?"

She spoke softly and formally.

For anyone, he might need to be addressed, but for his close friends, Lysander showed a disturbed look as he accustoms himself in the back seat..

Lysander V: "What a bother this be.. Giles?"

Giles: "Gotcha, lad. Lighten up, Samantha. He's here a mate, not an escort. THe blighter wants us a friend, proper for this time."

Turning towards Giles, Samantha replies with a query..

Samantha: "Sir? But, it's just that I've been practicing my honorifics the last couple nights? I musn't "

Lysander V: "For the next formal gathering, milady, surely that will be when I'll watch for such a thing."

Samantha: "Least you're not discouraging, Sander. How about you boys get your belts on before traffic thickens?"

Even as he feels around the tartan texture, Lysander finds himself in comfort within these perceived tight spaces, as he continued to note..

Lysander V: "Not lofty, but I find this to be suitably comfortable. Sam, I applaud of this selection."

Samantha: "Well, I appreciate that. I'd find something nicer like a Lexus or Mercedes, but it's the international car rental service, Sander. Their car choices aren't too good this day."

Lysander V: "I mean.. for one such as I standing tall, it's a rather spacious for its size."

Giles: "Wait till you see some more classic offerings, like say.. a Corrado VR6."

Lysander V: "The other Scirocco? What of it?"

Giles: "Not quite. I've a hunch it's reputation seemed only to hint it's there to just brighten any driver's day. There's this bunch doing reviews in, believe me, Mexico, y'see, and I've heard nothing but praise, you see."

But as the conversation kept rolling on, Samantha then abruptly made a hard brake upon one realization..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (3)

Samantha: "Bollocks.. don't mind the language, your Grace."

Lysander V: "Do not worry, I've no heed of your frustrations."

Seeing the road ahead flooded with cars, frustrations brew.

Giles: "Blimey, it's no London, but bloody hell! Where to, then?"

Samantha replied after a quick glance on her phone's GPS, having an idea hatch.

Samantha: "I suppose I can sneak on the expressways. Them backroads can fit a car like this no issue. You know, I've heard good things about a car this size with handling and fuel efficiency."

He thought no end of her analysis, and thus Lysander didn't hold back..

Lysander V: "You're the driver, my dear. Do what is required for progress!"

Giles: "You heard your Grace: let's get us out of here."

Samantha: "As you wish.."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (4)

Having taken a good portion of the hour, the Polo then ends up on the expressways.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (5)

And the brewing frustrations turn to joy as they begin to feel an unbound case of German car engineering in full force.

Lysander V: "What a machine! It's yearns to bring out the power!"

Giles: "If this is a GTI, it's around 190."

Samantha: "189, sir."

Giles: "Always so precise, Samantha? Whatever. Old blighter's a peppy little hatch with a little turbo on board, is much that I know."

Lysander V: "Did you hear that, Sam? Turbo? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

He might want the action, but Crown Jewels' careful leader argued against briefly..

Giles: "S-Samantha, please! This rental's not ours, correct?"

Samantha: "And insured, so should say.. someone lesser than I get behind and gone mess it up.."

Lysander V: "I'd be interested you pursue the echelons of this car's performance, Samantha."

And with his word, Giles couldn't contest it.

Giles: "Truly? If it'll satisfy the good lord, then.. the blighters are not going to know what'll hit them. Samantha, I give you permission to push. Let's get it going."

Samantha: "Roger that, sir."

Lysander V: "Might as well put on a belt, Giles."

Giles: "Do I look like I don't use these?"


Lysander V:

"It's not our cars, but I say: it's a rather spectacular piece of kit."

Giles: "Wait till you get in Paul's Mk1 GTI, it'll knock your socks off."

Hearing an opportunity, Lysander decides to move towards it with a quick request..

Lysander V: "Giles, mate, that is the kind of Volkswagen I'd like to experience. I'd ask you a favor to ask him on my behalf."

Giles: "I knew you'd ask, but.. we've not been in contact for some time, actually. Wonder what the blighter's up to, not taking me calls like he's ignoring or something."

Candy's house
Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (6)

In a certain home in Ginza, Candy finds herself going around her home duties in excitement, though still in her undergarments.

She however then stopped by the well kept Jet Jaguar figure that she built that one time, talking to it..

Candy: "Today's the day, Jet Jaguar!"

It's obviously inanimate, but Candy's mind has an imagination that suggests otherwise..

Candy: "What day? It's the day my new car finishes inspection and refurbishment. Hearing stories left and right of Type R's fame and praise.. I cannot wait to see what kind of machine it is firsthand!"

And this delusion continues..

Candy: "What car exactly? Funny you ask, my shapeshifting savior of the world. It's a.."

However, before she could finish, she definitely hears a car stopping by her home's driveway and bellowing its horn, startling her.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (7)

Candy: "NYAH! HOW DARE YE-fuuhh.. That's a buzzkill for sure."

As she steps towards the door, she decides to try overhear the conversation.

The Crown Jewels trio stepped out of the car and walked casually to the front door.

Samantha: "Last I saw, she's doing swell. Got a race in the old gullwing through Tsukuba. Not a fine perfomance, though I decided to give her the asphyxiation treatment after all."

Lysander V: "I wager by thy legs as per usual?"

Samantha: "It's rather obvious, innit? Her breathing might get stronger after a few more squeezes. Her short height also makes it reasonably easier than your usual lot."

Lysander V: "Well, I mean.. you could have a go with a rope of some sort? Save your juicy thighs some effort?"

In case she didn't feel that, Giles stepped in to potentially defuse..

Giles: "Sam, that's advice."

Samantha: "Duly noted, sir. I'm not that daft. But old habits die hard, I'm afraid. Can't control a rope's knot, might I add?"

Upon arrival, Lysander then notes the one oddity placed on the door, leaning down towards the chest high slit..

Lysander V: "Though, it's peculiar her door's got slits for mail? Didn't we run by her mailbox just out?"

And not a few seconds later, it slides aside, revealing the Hong Kongese eyes well known by many.

Candy: "Eh? Giles and company? Darn, I forgot it's today.."

Seeing how she uses it, Giles replies with in an informed state..

Giles: "So the slit's her peeping hole? Interesting. But Miss Lam, it's not all bad, is it? I mean, unless your home's a complete mess and you're righ-"

Candy: "Unclothed. Give me a minute to get something on."

Giles: "That so? Might I suggest you don't keep us waiting?"

And as the slit slides back to a closed position, Giles then frowns and winces his eyes in mild disappointment..

Giles: "The nerve. She forgot. I guess Peggy's right."

Samantha: "On what now, sir?"

Giles: "On how alongside us Big 3 fellows, that we're definitely the least notable to her. It might not just mean her, but perhaps all of Britain."

Samantha: "It's a solid point, but I refuse that haphazard conclusion being true, sir."

Lysander then chimes in..

Lysander V: "Not to mention I find it quite invalauble we keep part of us hidden. For when it comes, it might be useful."

Giles: "I suppose it's selfish of me to always want to escape the shadows. Jolly good. I'll take heed of your suggestions. Let's see how long would it take for Candy to get a shirt on.."

That length of time might seem long, but in reality was just around a minute as the door then opens to Candy now with her knee length shirt on.

Candy: "Sorry for that mishap. Won't happen again, I hope. Please, come in.. and shoes off. Room to your right."

And as they were led in with shoes off, Lysander has a more inspective vibe in him, looking through the well maintained state of the home.

Lysander V: "It's clean, modern, but I lean more to a.. say, quaint place of living.."

Giles: "It's not your manor, Sander. Do be nice about it at least."

Lysander V: "I'm only noting, not criticizing, Giles."

As they find themselves by the common living space, they settle on the chairs, with Candy then just coming in, enquiring as she observes..

Candy: "I've got coffee on the way. So. I see a Giles, Sam.."

Samantha: "Morning."

Candy however can't get the image of her great log legs away from her throat, hinting some form of intimidation as she glances..

Candy: "Yikes.. and he is?"

As if it was the right thing to say, Giles replied with a small smug smile..

Giles: "Milord, your time to shine has arrived."

Lysander V: "Shine? Oh ho? You expect too much, but you're getting it."

Interrupted by his presence, Candy sits, noting..

Candy: "Another one of your friends. You've a scent."

Not liking it, Samantha though insisted..

Samantha: "Might you want to lower your tone for a good lord of God's country?"

Lysander V: "Sam? I beg your pardon, but I suppose my fame in touring cars can help enlighten her?"

Spoke Lysander with his usual calm behaviour, but Candy was still in the dark about this man before her.

Candy: "Still running a blank, I'm afraid. But considering what she's did, I suppose you are some big shot. If not, then.."

As if his lordly clothing wasn't a hint, Giles spoke up..

Giles: "Blighter! Candy, I would use the correct tone, but if I were to give you his official title, you'd have trouble remembering."

Candy: "Nngh. WHy is it that I'm so not prepared for this?! Giles, you'd be nice to give me this moment to prepare in advance."

Giles: "Yes I did."

Realizing, Candy then took her phone and swiftly swiped to notice a piece of information suggesting for her to be on your best behaviour, and about a lord.

Now with that in mind, Candy admits as she sighed..

Candy: "Alright, fine. Something else's distracted me from all this, and to be expecting what you wrote: a man descended from one of the royal nobility of the history of Great Britain."

And as she puts the device back on the table, she feels the weight of the world on her as she spoke in a calm sorrow..

Candy: "I am really f[BLEEP]ing this up.. mind the tongue, sir?"

Lysander V: "Lysander Augustus the fifth. You may address me as your Grace, or perhaps Sander as is. And surely to meet a fine lady as yourself, I'll assure there's nary thought of these slip ups. I just want to know your acquaintance, not to mention.. forgive me, I've been granted an expectation.."

Giles: "Milord?"

Lysander V: "Well, as the man now messing about the top of the ETCC, I've been following a few select individuals. They find a connection with your fine self. I've heard talk of Le Glace Pacer, that is your designation, getting soft and lacking."

He's being brutally honest, she thought, and then replies..

Candy: "That hasn't escaped me one bit, your.. umm.. grace, was it?"

Samantha: "Good, that's correct."

Candy: "Grace.. I'm afraid my reputation going on stained is a result of my growing social connections. One I wish to nurture further.. your Grace."

Lysander V: "That so? Let's put it in a different perspective. Take someone off the road, and it's going to take time for them to get used to getting across the fields. Whether they lose it, or get back into the fight is what'll come. Right? That's a statement I enjoy to think about when I get around Goodwood. It's not normal for anyone to think everywhere's all tarmac and sunshine."

As she sat with a mind to take notes, Samantha calmly continues..

Samantha: "His Grace is correct. To see if you'll come back to fight this is what makes out the strong from the weak. You've seen my AMG? Nothing on that car's got anything off the factory floor, no. I hit a lot of crap, but I never back down a fight. You should check out my portfolio: it's my life to keep fighting."

Giles couldn't once again hold back..

Giles: "Honestly, these are the aesops you need. I suppose it's to say the Crown Jewels, as people, are here to make you better in more ways than one. Though, I can't say completely the same for milord.."

That snarky remark did hit a nerve, as Lysander recoiled back with a startled reply..

Lysander V: "I beg your pardon?!"

Giles: "Well, you weren't around to see me put one ahead of The Outlaw that day, blighter."

Lysander V: "I-i-tis not like I can skip out on work on a big race weekend, Giles."

Samantha did think to get in the way of her superior's slight ego exposure..

Samantha: "Sir, may I suggest not testing the alibi of your Grace?"

Giles: "Oh, Sam. Coming in between us when it's not warranted, I see. Well, I'll adhere."

With a more casual tone, Lysander then told Candy..

Lysander V: "Don't listen to that man, Candy: for you see you see before you a Crown Jewel through and through."

However, Samantha notices Candy looking elsewhere with such a distracted face..

Samantha: "She's obviously deep in thought about something."

Shaking it off, Candy answered back..

Candy: "Two things. One.. I'm expecting a package today. Two.. it's about me not serving coffee."

Samantha: "Package? Do tell."

Candy: "Buying a used mid engined sports car; better I show when it comes later. Not something that'll replace the MINI shaped hole in my soul.."

Lysander unusually replied quick on reaction..

Lysander V: "MINI?"

Giles: "Used to daily drive a mid 2000's Cooper S, to great effect. Well tuned to bring down supercars, I might add."

Lysander V: "Peculiar? Well, I suppose we should give assistance, Giles. I've been thinking."

As a reply, Giles had one thing..

Giles: "The Polo?"

Lysander V: "The Polo."

And all eyes then go towards Candy in great interest..

Candy: "Uhh.. I don't like it when you people stare at me like that.."

Lysander V: "Why dame Candy, I'd be delighted for that we have something for that ailment thou have on yourself. Look outside."

Getting off, Candy proceeds to the nearest window, then notices her Yaris having a mate in form of another hot hatch.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (8)

Candy: "You all came in a Polo? Heh.."

She questions with a tone that got Samantha to cross her legs, not hiding the intent at all what that is.

Candy: "Ulp! I mean.. well.. it's not the MINI, but.. I hear it's got a reputation. A good one!"

Lysander V: "It's definitely the right car for you. This might be a high value rental, but it will suffice. Just ask our driver. Sam!"

Samantha: "You boys had a good time, so do take that as you will."

Giles: "So, I suppose the expressway roads nearby need some more disturbing.. Perhaps the right place to give them what for?"

Candy: "Sure thing! But after a quick cup of coffee? To be fair, I might need it too."

A brief pause ensued, of which Samantha replies sternly.

Samantha: "She's offering, so.."

Giles: "I wouldn't mind that a little. Milord?"

Lysander V: "Smashing! You have biscuits or whatever you folk around here use to accompany?"

Candy: "Let's see.. umm, I know you don't mean any ill will, but umm.. does your Grace know that I'm.. not of this land?"

Lysander V: "Oh? I presumed too much, ahah. So sorry. But about my query?"

Candy however had an idea of a certain container on a certain spot on the room's coffee table, though it all became clear eventually on why it's not there..

Candy: "Umm. I suppose there might be a rice biscuit somewhere, if I haven't wasted it all that night."

Lysander V: "Wasted it?"

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (9)

Back to the night after making a large scale purchase, Candy finds heRself streaming a drama, with Carlyle by her side.

Candy: "See? SEE?! I knew Miyazaki hadn't got what it takes! They were right when they said this show is badly written!"

Carlyle: "I be thinking.. this here gigantic jar of snacks needs a little less inside. How's a biscuit for every moment we's cringe?"

Candy: "Heh, you're on!"

And with that recollection..

Candy: "That was the worst night ever.. and following morning, actually.."

With the Polo under the hands of a talented racer, Candy now brings her guests around Tokyo, but not before she gets her own taste on the GTI's namesake.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (10)

Candy: "What are you saying? This is just like the MINI!"

And as she sweeps around the lanes in speed, she remembers briefly that she's not alone.

Candy: "Everyone alright back there? I mean.. if weight shift's messed up in some way.."

As she looked around, her guests are unnaturally calm..

Samantha: "There's a reason why I'm sitting just behind you."

Candy: "Urm.. and the men?"

Giles: "Trust me, a day with the Vulcan's G forces at play isn't going to phase me, why would this?"

Lysander V: "Just drive it to your heart's content, dame. I mean.. it's not our car; just an international rental agent's unwise decision that got us this.."

Candy: "It explains the German plate, I guess.."

It's My Life (Tropical Rainforest Mix)
Talk Talk
History Revisited


Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (11)

Now done with their quick tour of this part of Tokyo, the people in the Polo exit the car.

Giles jogs forwards, feeling a mix of exertion and excitement, followed by Samantha close by.

Giles: "That was unnaturally exhilarating. I figure I need a quick rest, wouldn't you say, Samantha?"

Samantha: "A fair assessment, sir."

Leaving Candy and Lysander behind, they continued a chatter from earlier as they walked to the door, regarding..

Candy: "You're a Goodwood regular?"

Lysander V: "Why yes. I know it's not too obvious that I dabble a lot in racing classic cars. But it gives me life in my career. Do come and visit sometime an event's going down: I'll vouch for you, in many parts to that brilliant driving."

She showed a smile wider than that of earlier with the Polo's performance, then responding back.

Candy: "Thank you.. I-I appreciate that, your Grace."

Lysander V: "Don't bother with that. You can call me Sander. Now that I figure I want to be part of this social expansion of yours, should you not mind my presence."

Candy: "Oh, umm.. well I'd appreciate that as well. Gets me an extra depth on this.. Crown Jewels themed picture I have in my head now. Touring car racers and that dastardly Samantha.."

And as soon as they arrive by the front door, Candy then hears a car approaching the driveway.

Candy: "Don't worry.. I got this."

Lysander V: "So, looks to me you've bought a whole supply of rice biscuits?"

Candy: "It can't be helped.. if I have to watch another cringey drama, then it's my funeral, alright? Not yours."

After a quick hear, Lysander was about to enter until he feels the sound approaching isn't of a delivery truck..

Lysander V: "Oh? My senses ring... a V6 with dual overhead cams. That's unmistakably a Honda, and not just any Honda."

Candy: "Hooh? That can mean."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (12)

The orange NSX in sight, Candy leapt in excitement.

Candy: "It's here!"

Lysander V: "This.. ahh, your package?"

Candy: "YEA! I mean.. Yes, your Grace. I did tell you I'm expecting a new car? Well, no, but now you know!"

Lysander V: "Haven't you forgot you can call me.. ahh, perish the thought."

From inside was a fellow tuner friend Ayumi, who exits to confront someone who supposedly took her energy.

Candy: "Well.. now that's a car!"

Ayumi: "And you'd mistake it as new after our handiwork, hehe. Candy-san, now's the part where you pay for our impeccable services."

Candy: "Eh?! How dare you even do such an act?! Umm, but I promise money's coming in after I take it for a spin, Yumi-san."

Ayumi: "Ehh, no worries. I understand!"

And as soon as Ayumi finds herself left behind, Lysander approached, meaning to query..

Lysander V: "Goodness me, she's not regretting this purchase at least."

Ayumi: "Are you talking to me, umm.."

Lysander V: "Lord Lysander Augustus the fifth. Forgive my abrupt intrusion, fair dame. Just quoting what's in my mind."

Ayumi: "Fair dame? You're really British. Like really really REALLY British. I'm.. umm.. unsure if.."

Lysander V: "Please, you can call me Sander.. because the way I see it, I have a desire to get to know this Candy fellow more, and both you two seem close enough."


Another short one? I started writing this all in Saturday, so it's this or nothing. Not to mention what the Alphard week did for this aspect of my posts here, and what Starfield does to you in general, ehh.

Now's another time to bring out a roster member construed from GT7.. It's been so long since the last. Everyone's a 5 or 6 these days. So how about a shift to a gearhead inspired by classic car racing around Goodwood. Meet Lysander V, who's internal code name is lord, and it reflects on his name. He's not your guy who wears a cape around, but you can see he's definitely put on a lot of weight when it comes to seeing himself. Let's see if he will ever meet a few select narcissists on this roster. I've a need to study British royatly a little as a way to help revolve this character around.

Expect quite little when it comes to newcomers coming on the writing from here onwards. I'm satisfied with who's on now (unless of course, Signature Car or certain tertiary cars).

For Ayumi Tanaka (5)
see Episode 1

For Giles Crowden (Sport) and Samantha Walsh (7)
see Episode 9

With a check for just about every sign in the stuck up royalty, Lysander the Fifth takes that cliche apart thanks to his affiliations with the UK underground in general, with his on track talents, connections to the classic car scene and renowned family name in British sport no short of being useful.

Theme Song: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Hooked on Tchaikovsky
Racing Duel Music: Tchaikovsky - Marche Slave
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Age: 29
Current occupation: Touring car racer
Distinct features: Fine part combed, mid-long bleached blonde hair. Thin, rounded face with a flair for the handsome. Thicker than usual eyebrows above well lashed blue eyes, thick wide nose and narrow but thick mouth. Medium length mustache, often twirled. Built, average weight with slightly tall height.
Choice of clothing: Usually finds himself wearing old renaissance fashion, but in public places: a suit is what he always wears. Always with his own personal walking cane.
Cars: TVR Tuscan Speed Six, Wicked Fabrications GT 51 Coupe

Kent born of the fifth in his royal home, Lysander always been born and raised a piece of British lordship akin to those back in the day, and it's no lie he was blessed from day 1. From being raised as a proper gentleman, Lysander found out the old British styled way of living wasn't for him. To be spoonfed all the way to adulthood was an objection he had to hold until he became an adult, giving him a dishonest but happy, wealthy upbringing. This all changes as soon as he found his fire upon seeing for himself another old British tradition: racing cars.

Taking this opportunity after reaching adulthood, Lysander was a fledgling force on the track. Aside his obvious royalty upbringing influencing his gentle tone and even more gentle mannerisms, Lysander would find himself a common visitor of the Goodwood Festival, be it either a man on the sidelines, or racing on the track with some of the oldest machines and racers around. He might still be young, but he shows his high contrast colors on the track, while in time the racers around have been praising his on track efforts, and being a general positive topic of mingle among the locals of Kent. While he's mainly gentlemanly and all around a man of respect and honesty, in his heart he usually isn't full of warm fuzzies, stemming from unproven rumors of his wealth influencing his racing results.

While busy by day as a promising touring car racer, Lysander finds himself under the tutelage of his racing icon: a former touring car racer now turned museum curator, and learns firsthand about his battles with the rivals that put his place in the racing world strong. Eventually, Lysander too would join in his inner circle, and would go to do on and off stints of street racing for his crew known as the Crown Jewels.

However, he also serves as one of the many, perhaps most well known fences for illicit vehicular trade in Britain, suggesting he's been doing more than just street racing in the UK underworld, as well as explaining his flair for classic cars.

Now what does November 2023 SPD say about this age old writeup... well.. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra leitmotif anyone? I did make that meme one time, let's see if I can find it..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (13)

And Ayumi.. well, she's not going to be missing during Mazda month, I'll tell you that much. FD Spirit week's currently under construction, by the way.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)


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