Dried Fruit + More Tasty Food Dehydrator Recipes (2024)

Do you love dried fruit? (me too!) Here are the best food dehydrator recipes out there so you can make your own and enjoy some delicious dried meat too.

Have you ever tried using a dehydrator? That little baby is a whiz when it comes to helping you preserve nutritious (and delicious) food. This is the best food dehydrator and the one I always recommend when anyone asks. It’s basically the Mac Daddy of food dehydrators!

Dried Fruit + More Tasty Food Dehydrator Recipes (1)

To go along with your awesome food dehydrator, we’ve found some of the most delicious food dehydrator recipes for everything from dried meat jerky to chips to dried fruit snacks. Go on, give them a whirl! Your dehydrator will become your new favorite kitchen gadget.

Top Tips for Using a Food Dehydrator For Fruit Drying

If you are new to making dried food, here are a few quick tips to get you started on the right foot.

  • Use the time and temperature guidelines that come with your food dehydrator to ensure that you dry your food at the right temperature – for the right length of time.
  • In order to properly store your dried meat and dried fruit, they need to be at least 95% dehydrated. Foods that are hard, crunchy, or breakable have dried enough.
  • It’s better to over-dry than to try to speed up the process. Dehydrating your food at a higher-than-recommended temperature will tend to seal the outside but leave moisture on the inside causing the food to spoil.
  • Proper preparation is a must. Slice all items to similar size and thickness. Spritz pears, bananas, and apples with lemon juice to avoid having them turn an unappealing brown color.
Dried Fruit + More Tasty Food Dehydrator Recipes (2)

Dried Fruit and Other Food Dehydrator Recipes You Need

From beef jerky to fruit roll-ups, these dehydrator recipes will make the tastiest snacks for you and your family!

1. Best Beef Jerky Recipe

When someone claims to have the BEST Beef Jerky Recipe ever, well, you really have to try it, don’t you? I’m pretty sure this recipe is tried and true – and it’s going on my must-try list! This truly is the BEST beef jerky recipe! It’s easy to make, marinated with delicious savory flavors (no added sugar!), and it’s totally irresistible! Add a little kick to it with some jalapenos or chipotle peppers. Make complete use of the peppers and dry them, too. Now you have two treats from one batch of fun!

2. Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

I can easily go overboard with eating too many good chips, but at least I don’t feel quite as guilty when they’re made with three simple ingredients. Hopefully, this helps you, too! These baked sweet potato chips are crunchy, addictive, and easy to make. Skip the store-bought chips and all the additives, and make these instead! Accomplish your veggie intake with these crunchy, addictive homemade sweet potato chips recipes.

3. Salt and Vinegar Dried Zucchini Chips

Genius! Have you ever tried growing zucchini? It will take over your yard before you can even say “zucchini”. After you have finished giving it away to anyone and everyone who will take some, try making these salt and vinegar zucchini chips. These Easy Crispy Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips are only 40 calories per serving, gluten-free, grain-free, and low carb too!

Zucchini Chips A Guilt-Free Chip you can make in no time at all! That’s my favorite flavor of potato chips and at 40 calories per serving, you can’t go wrong!

4. Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Popcorn

And here’s another healthy snack for the dehydrator: spicy buffalo cauliflower popcorn. I love popcorn but not the carbs, so this is a nice alternative with tons of flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Easy raw vegan spicy buffalo cauliflower popcorn recipe. Use a dehydrator or oven at its lowest temperature to make a healthy crunchy savory snack.

5. Chewy Dehydrated Bananas (One of the best-dried fruit dehydrator recipes!)

If you’re not a fan of hard, crunchy banana chips, you may like these chewy & tangy dehydrated bananas instead. Dehydrating bananas is the perfect way to preserve them if you find a bunch on sale– they also make healthy, shelf-stable snacks for on the go. These are low-calorie, very satisfying, and perfect to take as a snack on your next hike or adventure.

6. Dehydrated Onions

Dehydrated onions may not exactly be a tasty treat, but you’ll use them all year long as you add to soups, stews, dips, and more. My favorite French Onion dip is a cinch to make with dried onions on hand! Here’s a tip: If you can, use a different dehydrator than you use for other foods. No matter how much you clean it, the onion smell and flavor will linger from batch to batch.

7. Dehydrated Fruit Delight: Dried Blueberries

Enjoy blueberry muffins made from scratch all year long by dehydrating your blueberries during peak season. Smaller blueberries tend to have a sweeter flavor. I can’t get enough of them! There are several ways to approach drying blueberries. If you want yours to have a texture more like raisins than crunchy chips, try this method. This healthy treat is perfect to add to cereal, ice cream, yogurt, or just enjoy by the handful.

8. Dried Orange Slices

Sure you can just dry orange peels, but why not dry the entire slice? Just looking at these crispy orange chips makes me smile as they remind me of bright, sunny days. Break them up into trail mix, oatmeal, or tea, or nibble on them as a snack. These orange chips look like the sun… with beautiful details of fire going out from the center. Whenever you open up the jar, a sweet & bright smell frolics through your senses.

9. Sriracha Chickpeas

If you love sriracha, you’ll go gaga for this recipe. We’re warning you now, these dried and fried Sriracha Chickpeas are crispy and highly addictive! These dehydrated chickpeas are seasoned with sriracha and sugar to create an addictive snack!

10. Caramel Green Apple Chips

I love a good, dried apple chip (or a dozen), but this recipe takes it to a whole new level I never even considered! Tart green apple slices topped with caramel and put in the dehydrator… Do I need to say more? Scrumptious. These yummy caramel apples are in a crispy, chip form. You’ll love them!

11. Cinnamon Apple Chips

Caramel not your favorite? You could also go with the more classic Cinnamon Apple Chips. This recipe can be made in your dehydrator or in your oven at a really low temperature. No added sugar, no dehydrator required! Vegan, gluten-free, and a healthy snack any time.

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12. Apricot Coconut Dehydrator Cookies

Talk about a nutritious sweet treat. Apricot Coconut Dehydrator Cookies are another sweet treat option that I never would have thought to make in my dehydrator. Sweetened with dried fruit, and full of protein from nut butter and fiber from coconut, these little cookies pack a nutrient-dense punch. They’re perfect for lunch boxes, afternoon snacks, and satisfying a sugar craving any time.

Know a new mom? Surprise her with a batch. Both apricots and coconuts are lactogenic, meaning they support milk production. Nursing snacks are the best, and even better when homemade with love!

13. Homemade Snap Pea Chips

Homemade Snap Pea Chips are delightfully crunchy on a salad, but oddly enough, they’re tasty when paired with plain yogurt, too. This recipe is a delicious way to extend your spring snap pea fix. Make your own snap pea chips and save on money. Involve the kids and make it a fun, family affair for all.

14. Dried Pear Candy Fruit

Dehydrated pears do taste like candy. They’re naturally sweet, and in my opinion, pears are totally underrated. They’re one of my favorite fruits and are about to become one of my favorite dried snacks – I’m sure of it. Easy recipe for super sweet, sulfite-free, dehydrated pears that stay light-colored and tasty in storage. Need a heartier snack? Try adding some Greek yogurt or cottage cheese on the side.

15. Paleo Skittles: Dried Fruit For Kids

Taste the rainbow by making a whole array of paleo skittles for the kids. You’ll feel good knowing that they’re eating healthy stuff (as you watch them scarf it down) with no added sugars or preservatives. These homemade Paleo Skittles are slightly chewy snacks made with tons of whole fruits and vegetables. A great healthy snack for toddlers on the go.

16. Dried Pineapple Fruit Roll-ups

Talk about tasting like candy! Pineapple fruit roll-ups will be another hit with your kids. Just pop them into their lunches for a nice mid-day snack at school – or serve them up as an afternoon treat. These sweet and tart pineapple fruit roll-ups are addictive!

There you have it! These 15 must-try dehydrator recipes will turn you into a dried-meat and dried-fruit expert in no time. What’s your favorite food to dry?

Dried Fruit + More Tasty Food Dehydrator Recipes (3)

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Dried Fruit + More Tasty Food Dehydrator Recipes (2024)


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