How To Fix F7E1 Maytag Washer: 4 Solutions  (2024)

Are you a proud owner of aMaytag washer, one of the finest brands in theUnited States? While renowned for reliability, you may spot a flashing F7E1 on yourMaytag washer.

This message tries to get your attention to a stalled washcycle.

Our detailed guide will help you diagnose and conquer the F7E1 Maytag washer.

This guide applies to variousMaytag washermodels, including:

  • MaytagCentennial TopLoadWasherMVW62HC
  • MaytagCentennial TopLoadWasherMVW7
  • MaytagCentennial TopLoadWasherMVWB765GC
  • MaytagCentennial® EcoConserve MVWC400XW4
  • MaytagBravosWashing MachineMHW5500AW
  • MaytagBravosWashing MachineMHW6600BC
  • MaytagBravos XWashing MachineMVWX700XW1
  • MaytagNeptune Series MAH3500AWW
  • MaytagNeptune Series MAH5500AWW
  • MaytagPerforma Series MMV3600AWW
  • MaytagPerforma Series MMV4600AWW
  • MaytagQuiet Series MMV2500AWW
  • MaytagQuiet Series MMV2600AWW

What Does F7E1 Mean on aMaytag Washer?

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  • Meaning:This code expresses amotor speedsensor error. This means that the motor can’t reach the right speed for the desiredcycle. This occurs when thewasher’s control system isn’t receiving the expected signals from the sensor. This sensor monitors the motor’s rotation speed during the washcycle.
  • Safety Feature:Similar to many otherMaytagerror codes, this one acts as a safety measure. When this code appears on yourappliance’s screen, thecyclestops. This procedure prevents potential damage to the motor or other components if it’s unable to maintain properspinspeed.
  • Impact on Use:With a blinking F7E1, yourMaytag washerhalts its operation. So, you will end up with soggy and perhaps unclean clothes.
  • Warning Signs:Beyond the flashingerror code, you may hear unusual noise from thewasher. Also, you may notice the drum struggling tospinor an abrupt stop in thecycle.
  • Importance of Addressing:Besides affecting yourMaytag washer’s functionality, ignoring this code may lead to further complications in the motor.

Why Does YourMaytag WasherShow F7E1 Error?

The motor of yourMaytag washerfails to reach thecorrect speeddue to different reasons. Let’s explore the most common reasons behind a blinking F7E1Maytag washer:

1. Overloaded Washer

Exceeding the recommendedloadcapacity puts more strain on the drum, motor, and several other internal parts. Straining the motor prevents it from achieving thecorrect speedduring differentcycleselections.

Also, the incorrectcycle selectionfor your laundryload

Referring to themanufacturerguidelines will give you a clue aboutspecificweight limits for each chosencycle.

2. Existing Shipping Bolts

This minor oversight can have serious consequences. Themanufacturerinstalls these bolts at thewasher’s back to prevent itstubfrom moving during transportation. If you leave them in position, they can interfere with proper motor function. Eventually, this may lead toagitationissues and trigger the F7E1 code.

If you encounter this code within the firstdays of your appliance purchase, this may point to forgotten bolts.

3. Faulty Motor SpeedSensor

This electrical component monitors the motor’sspinningspeed. If this sensor malfunctions, it will send incorrect signals to yourMaytag washer’s control board. The sensor malfunctions in most cases due to a defective wiring connection connecting to the control board.

4. Drive System Issues

Complex issues within the drive system may cause the F7E1Maytag washererror code. This system transfers power from the motor to the washtub. When this system encounters problems, it hinders the motor’s ability to reach the right speed.

A problematic drive belt or a faulty clutchactuatorcontributes to the motor’s speed failure. The belt connects the motor’s pulley to the washtub’s pulley. A faulty belt causes slippage and prevents the motor’s full power from reaching the washtub.

Theactuator, on the other hand, engages the belt upon receiving a signal from the control board. A faultyactuatorwon’t engage the belt and disrupts the smooth power transfer to thetub.

Remember: You can benefit from the advanced features andmodesin yourMaytag washerin diagnosing the F7E1 problem. Consider running adiagnostic mode(if available on your model) to overcome the initial confusion.

How To ResetMaytag WasherF7E1 Error

While appearing as a straightforward step, it might resolve theMaytag washerF7E1 error. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the pause or cancel button twice to halt anycycle. Then press the power button and unplug theappliance. This will turn off thewashercompletely.
  2. Allow thewasherto sit for a minute or two. This gives any temporary glitches in the system a chance to reset.
  3. Plug thewasherback in to turn the power back on. Select your desired washcycleand restart thewasherto test the success of this process.

How To FixMaytag WasherF7E1 Error

In many cases, fixing theMaytag washerF7E1 error doesn’t require a complextroubleshooting process. If the code isn’t associated with internal components, you can easily DIY fix it. Here’s how you can do it:

1. How To Fix Overloaded Washer

The most effective thing to do in this case is to reduce the laundryload. You can check the manual forspecificinstructions on the weight limits depending on the chosencycle. Also, you can perform the hand test to ensure a lighterload. Insert your hand after loading the laundry and see if you can comfortably move your hand around the clothes.

2. How To Fix Existing Shipping Bolts

Take a look at the back of yourwasherforshipping bolts. Search for large bolts located near the bottom corners. If they’re still in place, use a socket wrench to remove them. You can do this step without anyprofessional assistance.

3. How To Fix Faulty Motor SpeedSensor

Diagnosing a faultymotor speedsensor can be a bit tricky for some DIYers. It involves some electrical knowledge and parts disassembly. So, if you are not familiar with this type of work, it’s better to seek professional help. However, if you have the required skills and trained hands, here’s what to do:

  1. Unplug yourMaytag washerfor safety.
  2. Detach the back panel to access the motor and sensor area.
  3. Look for a small, rectangular device connected to the motor with wiring leading to the control board.
  4. Check the wiring connection for fraying, damage, or disconnection signs.
  5. You can use your multimeter to test the sensor for continuity.
  6. Visible damage and failing the test indicate the need for areplacementmotor speedsensor.
  7. To avoid mistakes and returns, you shouldget the correctreplacementpart numberfor yourMaytag washermodel. Refer to themanualsto collect the correct information. You can look for the desired part at aMaytag-authorizedonline merchantorhome improvementstore.

4. How To Fix Drive System Issues

Working on the components of aMaytag washerdrive system is complex. So, if you are uncertain of your troubleshooting abilities, it’s better to contact a professional repair technician. If you have previous experience with these delicate and complex parts, grab your screwdriver and do this:

  1. Unplug yourMaytag washerto avoid electrical shocks.
  2. Similar to what you did to access themotor speedsensor, you should remove the back or rear panel depending on yourexact model.
  3. To identify the drive belt, Look for a thick, black rubber belt connecting the motor pulley to the drum pulley. Being wrapped around the pulleys helps in the identification too.
  4. To identify theactuator, look for a small electric motor with a lever or arm attached
  5. You don’t need much effort to identify a faulty belt. Look for slippage or damage signs.
  6. Try to manually move theactuatorto determine whether it engages smoothly with the belt. If it fails to do this, you should get a newactuator.


By delving into our detailed guide, you’ve gained valuableinsightsinto the F7E1error codeon yourMaytag washer. Whether it’s an overloadedwasher, forgottenshipping bolts, a faultymotor speedsensor, or drive system issues, you now have a better understanding of the potential causes and fixes.

Remember,diagnosticsmodesin yourMaytag washercan be a powerful tool to determine the root cause of the problem without wasting much time or effort.

Furthermore, if you’re facing anappliance questionrelated to thiserror code, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations on apreferred list of service providers. These repair professionals possess the expertise and experience to diagnose and resolve the F7E1 code and other error issues efficiently.

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How To Fix F7E1 Maytag Washer: 4 Solutions  (2024)


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