Maytag Centennial Error Code F7E5: Here's How To Fix the Code. (2024)

I struggled to fix the Maytag Centennial error code F7E5.

Checking the course of the error code is one thing. Fixing is the other. Either way, the process is challenging if you have no clue which part of the Maytag centennial washer to troubleshoot. We found out that there are at least four parts that you’ll need to check to know the root cause of the error:

  • The clutch assembly
  • The basket drive hub kit
  • The washer driver pulley
  • The shaft mode and shaft assembly

If none of these defective parts are, you have a bad motor. With a bad motor, you have two choices. One, buy a new washer. Two, buy a new board.

Before we diagnose the four parts, let’s look at the Maytag Centennial code F7E5 and why the washer behaves like that.

​​Let’s talk about that next.

What does F7E5 Mean on a Maytag Centennial Washer?

F7E5 code error on a Maytag Centennial washer means the shifter failure.

The shifter has failed to engage the basket for a spin for the wash to happen. The central role of the shifter in a Maytag centennial washer is to engage or disengage or help the washer move to the next wash cycle. When the shifter fails to function, the electronic board shuts off the Maytag centennial washer and displays the error code F7E5.

Signs of a fault shifter include

  • large amounts of grinding noise,
  • Tub and agitator working at slow speed,
  • The pump does not spin.

In a Maytag Centennial washer, the actuator/shifter shifts the splutch cam ring while monitoring the splutch position to ensure it’s in the proper place.

In addition, the shift actuator has an optical sensor to monitor the speed of the Maytag centennial washer’s transmission. The shift actuator fails because of mechanical or electrical problems. Mechanically, the actuator’s moving parts are broken, which blocks it from shifting the splutch cam ring.

The part may have an electrical fault, such as a short circuit or massive power spike damage.

One possible reason is the water leak at the tub seal that causes water to damage the shift actuator. Another name of the shifter is shifter coil, shaft, or tube assembly controls the agitation process making the washer go through the fill, agitate, rinse, or spin. When you have a failed shifter check the following:

  • Shifter connection
  • Clothes wedged between the impeller and basket that binds them
  • Shifter not moving

Before working on the shaft assembly, kindly remove the Maytag Centennial from the socket and power supply.

Let’s talk about that next.

How To Fix this Maytag Centennial Error Code F7E5?

Inspect the Shaft Mode and Shaft Assembly

As we have said:

Shaft assembly allows the Maytag Centennial washer to move to the next cycle. The motor inverter circuit controls the mode shifter. First, it senses the load and engages the drive when the tub fills with water. The Maytag Centennial washer begins to agitate, and power is sent to the mode shifter for 18 seconds.

The washer operates the mode shifter agitate program several times.

A faulty shaft assembly will need to be replaced. Here’s how to replace them:

The first step, unplug the Maytag Centennial washer from electricity and turn off the power outlet. Ensure you wear gloves when working on the washer to protect your hands.

In the second step, disengage the spring clips holding the Maytag Centennial washer by sliding the putty knife between the panels. Release the spring clips, pull the board and unthread the screws holding the main top panel.

In the third step, remove the two screws holding the mode shifter of the Maytag Centennial washer. Pull the shifter and take note of the shifter peg position.

The fourth step, install the new shifter you got from here. Ensure to position the shifter peg as it was before. Once the next shifter is in place, reinstall the screws and tighten them.

In the fifth step, ensure the wire harness plug is in position and the locking tabs snap in place. Put the plastic cover on top of the motor and drive components. Finally, line mounting holes and insert the bolts. Connect the washer back to power and start the cycle.

The Basket Drive Hub Kit

The role of the driver hub kit is to connect the spin basket to the spin shaft so the spin cycle can take place.

The basket drive is at the top of the transmission and clutch assembly. The drive basket has a brake mechanism for the spin basket. If the basket fails to spin, the Maytag centennial washer will squeal or screech. If your load is coming out or is not clean, the basket might not be turning, and the cause is the drive hub locking its teeth near the motor shaft. The solution is to replace the drive hub kit with a new one.

The process will take one hour. Here’s the exact process I follow.

Step 1: Unplug the Maytag centennial power cord from the power socket and cut off the water supply.

Step 2: Open the Maytag washer control console. Ensure to remove the screws at the base of the control console carefully.

Step 3 To remove the cabinet, you’ll have to unplug the wire harness from the lid switch, release the clips that hold the cabinet together, lift the cabinet, and put it away.

Step 4: Remove the tub ring by pulling the dispenser hose off and pushing down the top of the tub ring.

Step 5 Remove the agitation cap using a flathead screwdriver. And use a 7/16 socket to unscrew the bolt holding the agitator to the motor shaft.

Step 6 Remove the agitator. It should slide off the motor shaft and the retaining slip out. Next, remove the six Philip screws to remove the basket drive hub.

Step 7 Install the new basket drive hub and slide the motor shaft. Tighten the screws to secure the hub and put back everything.

Washer Drive Pulley

The washer drive pulley is one part that does not break in a Maytag centennial washer.

The pulley helps the washer drain; you may have to replace it if the Maytag centennial is pinning slowly or it takes no agitation. The frequent belt problems are the best signs that the washer drive pulley needs to be replaced. When the belt flies frequently, it stretches out and becomes unusable. Therefore, triggering the Maytag centennial F7E5 code.

Take note:

When inspecting an old belt from the electric motor and pulley of the washer, look for cracks and abrasive tears. Frequent problems with the belt mean the drum rotates slowly during the spinning cycle. You must replace the pulley if you see bent and sharp edges. To check the drive pulley:

  • Turn off the Maytag centennial washer
  • Find the drive pulley connected to the drive belt unit
  • Inspect the pulley for signs of damage and move the belt manually to see whether the drive pulley is working okay.
  • Get a new pulley from this website and install

If the washer drive pulley is not the problem, we move to the next part.

Also Read:

The Clutch Assembly

The clutch moves the internal tub and agitator of the Maytag centennial washer during the washing process.

With regular use, the clutch gets damaged, triggering Maytag centennial code F7 E5. It can also be broken through wear and tear. Here’s how to diagnose the clutch assembly.

Step One: Launch the normal washing cycle with the Maytag centennial washer without clothes

Step two: Focus on the filling sequence of the washer as you wait for the tub to be full.

Step three: Does the Maytag centennial washer agitate when the washing process starts? If you don’t hear the agitation sound, the clutch is damaged.

Step four: Let the washing cycle complete. Listen to the washer drain water until the tub is empty. The tub will start spinning immediately. If the tub fails to rotate, the clutch is broken.

Step five: Pay attention to the action of the washer. Any intermittent slowing of the wash or spin cycle with a change of motor humming signals that the clutch is worn out.

Step six: Any squeaking from the internal tub during the spin cycle means something is wrong with the washer, and the clutch is broken.


Problems related to the clutch are not easy to troubleshoot. While these are minor errors, there may be no visible problem with the Maytag Centennial washer. But when your clothes are wet after the spinning cycle is complete, it shows the clutch will fail. The clothes become wet when the spinning action doesn’t have much power to remove water from the clothes.

Maytag Centennial Error Code F7E5: Here's How To Fix the Code. (2024)


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