Mom Livid At Finding Out Colleague’s Pasta Sauce Recipe Contained Wine As She Served It While Babysitting Her 8 Y.O. Kid (2024)

Mom Livid At Finding Out Colleague’s Pasta Sauce Recipe Contained Wine As She Served It While Babysitting Her 8 Y.O. Kid (1)

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What are the best ways to quarrel with your friends? Probably the simplest is to lend them money, and then if they don’t repay, everything will “work out” on its own. In the top 3 ways, there will probably also be adultery and starting a business together. But if you are looking for a really non-standard way to quarrel with any friend, you have come to the right place!

The story that we want to tell you today, on the one hand, seems to be not completely about friendship between people, but on the other hand, about how easy it is to break this very friendship. And we have literally no doubts that the characters of this tale were friends – otherwise the colleague would definitely not have trusted the author of the post with babysitting her own kid.

So, a few years ago, this instructive story appeared on the AITA Reddit community, and as of today, the initial post boasts almost 7K upvotes and around 1K different comments. The internet is very divided as to which of the characters of this narrative was right, so let’s try to figure out our own opinion.

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The author of the post once did a favor for their colleague by babysitting her 8 Y.O. son

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Well, the author of the original post tells how they once babysat their coworker’s eight-year-old son – as a favor, as the original poster admits. At one fine moment, the boy asked them to cook pasta and red sauce for dinner. The OP immediately had one great sauce recipe in their head that they often make and that everyone has always liked. The boy liked the sauce as well and ate everything with pleasure.


Image credits: u/wine_aita

The author served the boy pasta with red wine sauce and he enjoyed it, but the mom wasn’t happy finding out alcohol was among its ingredients

A couple of days later, the colleagues were sitting in the office, and the boy’s mother said that her son was so delighted with the sauce that he asked her to make it again. The OP’s friend asked for the recipe and, of course, they did not refuse. However, something strange happened when she read it – the woman was indignant at the fact that wine appeared among the ingredients of the sauce!

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Some real office drama ensued and the indignant mom claimed that parents’ consent is a must in such cases

The boy’s mom stated that it’s absolutely inappropriate to serve a 8 Y.O. kid alcohol. The author of the post fully agreed, but clarified that when the sauce boils, all the alcohol contained in the wine almost completely evaporates, leaving only a slight aftertaste. But the OP’s colleague was already unstoppable – she became indignant, declaring that her friend should have asked her permission before starting to cook according to this recipe.


Image credits: u/wine_aita

We must pay tribute to the original poster – they admit that before babysitting, they specifically asked the kid’s mother if he had any food allergies or dietary restrictions, and she said that the boy had nothing of the kind. In any case, the OP’s friend stated, it’s common sense to not feed someone else’s kid something with alcohol in it without asking permission.


Image credits: u/wine_aita

The author, however, recalls how they ate lots of meals containing some alcohol in their own childhood, so they were left baffled as to whether they really did something wrong

But the author of the post still admits that they do not quite get what they are to blame for, and believes that the colleague is overreacting a little. The OP recalls that as a child (they’re in their early thirties now), they were eating red wine tomato sauce, penne alla vodka, meats with wine sauce, tiramisu, fruitcake, etc., and nobody would have ever thought to ask for parents’ permission before serving such dishes to someone else’s kid. What’s more, as the original poster admits, none of their friends with kids would have a problem with it either – with the exception of this probably already ex-friend.


Image credits: Homescreenify (not the actual image)

However, the opinions of people in the comments to this post, as we have already said, were strongly divided. Some commenters sincerely believe that the boy’s mother is totally overreacting, because, firstly, alcohol is almost completely boiled off when cooking such a sauce, and secondly, there are lots of sweets and other meals that she herself probably gave to her child that also contain alcohol – and sometimes in much larger doses than this ill-fated sauce.

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Mom Livid At Finding Out Colleague’s Pasta Sauce Recipe Contained Wine As She Served It While Babysitting Her 8 Y.O. Kid (2024)


Can babies eat pasta sauce with wine? ›

The choice is up to you. You may choose to use cooking methods that help to reduce the alcohol content and use less alcohol in a dish to make it safer for your child. Otherwise the safer option is to choose to leave out alcoholic drinks when preparing food for babies and children.

Can children eat food cooked in wine? ›

Accordingly, if you must prepare a dish with wine, only give it to your kids if it's been cooked longer than that so the alcohol evaporates. Use extra caution with younger children, toddlers and infants. On the flip side, any recipes that call for adding wine without heating it are not suitable for children.

What happens when you put wine in pasta? ›

A dash of wine or sometimes vermouth can add depth to the flavor of the dish…you can always add more but subtracting is not easy. I do think a good splash of chianti in a tomato based pasta sauce is terrific and a bit of white wine in a seafood sauce can really enhance the other flavors.

Can babies have red wine sauce? ›

What kind of alcohol can I use for family recipes? Wine, cider and beer can be used occasionally as long as you follow the guidance to make sure most of the alcohol has been cooked off. It's best not to give your baby any food that's been prepared with spirits or liqueurs.

Is pasta sauce with wine safe for kids? ›

It is impossible to know if all the alcohol has left a dish even if you cook it for many hours. So, if in doubt, leave it out! We would suggest that you avoid using alcohol in a dish for kids, or if it is important to the flavour, then choosing an alcohol-free wine.

Can babies have jarred pasta sauce? ›

Many of the sauces that you find in the supermarket can often be quite high in salt and sugar, and might not be ideal for young babies. As with everything, they can be useful for convenience and it's fine to use them every now and then.

Can an alcoholic eat food that has been cooked with wine? ›

Even small amounts of alcohol can trigger cravings in recovering alcoholics. This is because the taste, smell, or even the thought of alcohol can be a powerful reminder of past habits. Consuming food cooked with wine could lead to a relapse, jeopardizing the hard work put into recovery.

Can you eat food cooked in wine sauce when pregnant? ›

If you are finding it difficult to stop drinking, it is important to ask for support from your midwife or GP. Cooking with alcohol is unlikely to affect your baby if the alcohol is added early in the cooking process and the food is cooked thoroughly. This will ensure most of the alcohol will be burnt off.

Is it OK for kids to taste wine? ›

Colder says the sipping alcohol with adult supervision in childhood, so often viewed as innocuous, can be harmful when kids get older and age into peak periods of heavy drinking. “Early sipping and tasting is predicting increased drinking behavior in young adulthood,” says Colder.

What does putting wine in sauce do? ›

The alcohol present in wine actually triggers the release of flavor molecules in the sauce, making every ingredient the wine contacts taste even better. The red wine will also dissolve fats, empowering the sauce ingredients to release nuanced flavors.

Why add wine to pasta sauce? ›

The alcohol in your red wine has an interesting dissolving effect on the fats (like olive oil or butter) in your sauce. The result is the release of their flavors, which contributes to the sauce as a whole. Keep in mind that a splash of wine needs time so the alcohol can sufficiently cook off.

Does wine cook out of pasta sauce? ›

The longer you cook, the more alcohol cooks out, but you have to cook food for about 3 hours to fully erase all traces of alcohol. A study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Nutrient Data lab confirmed this and added that food baked or simmered in alcohol for 15 minutes still retains 40 percent of the alcohol.

Can kids eat sauce with wine? ›

Less alcohol cooks off than people think.” They added, “OP is still NTA – whatever alcohol was left was not enough to hurt the kid and it's pretty common to use wine in pasta sauces – but people should know there is some alcohol left unless you cook it a really long time.”

How long to cook off wine in sauce? ›

The conventional wisdom accepted by just about everyone in the food world is that all the alcohol you add to a dish evaporates or dissipates during cooking. It is wrong. In fact, you have to cook something for a good 3 hours to eradicate all traces of alcohol.

Is cooking with wine unhealthy? ›

Cooking with wine is a great way to incorporate its health benefits into your diet. Adding a splash of red wine to your tomato-based pasta sauce, or using white wine to deglaze a pan while cooking chicken, can add a depth of flavor to your dishes and offer potential health benefits.

Does cooking with wine remove the alcohol? ›

The science:

Alcohol does partially evaporate during cooking, but not as much as you might think. Depending on the cooking method and how much alcohol is used, anywhere from 4 to 85 percent of the alcohol may remain. After 15 minutes of cooking, about 40 percent of the alcohol remains.

Can babies have pasta with vodka sauce? ›

Is vodka sauce alcoholic/Is it safe for children? While the sauce does contain vodka, some (if not all) of the alcohol evaporates out of the sauce as it cooks. Vodka sauce is safe for children to consume.

Can you eat food cooked with wine while breastfeeding? ›

Alcohol added to food during cooking does evaporate, but some alcohol will still be left. So, if you are eating dishes cooked in alcohol, for example, red wine chicken, you may wish to refrain from breastfeeding your baby for the next 1-2 hours.

Can you have pasta sauce with wine while pregnant? ›

Yes, absolutely fine. Even if it hasn't been cooked off (which requires high temps for a surprisingly long amount of time - more than people tend to realise) it will be such a tiny amount. Technically, you can have a glass of wine with your pasta and you would still be fine (others would disagree).


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