Third Gen Tales - Chapter 132 - Gamewizard2008 (2024)

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Cover Image: Star on his bed late at night reading a book. Kid is in his pajamas and dancing to his theme song in his headphones.

Part 18: Antidote

Monarch Moon

A field of rock splayed before Chuck’s weary vision. Rugged and broken, like his heart. A red gas giant brimmed beyond the horizon. “Oh, you awake?” He glanced over at George. The grandpa had set up a fireplace and cooking pot, frying some flapjacks. “I don’t make ’em good as Mo’s, but I gots that ‘special ingredient’ down pat.”

“…” Chuck glared suspiciously.

“You don’t have to say nothin’. If ya still wanna go back to your old post after what’s happened, that’s up to you. Still… I don’t think it was fair of him to do that to ya. We might be on opposite sides of this war, but that shouldn’t excuse a little understanding.”

“…” Chuck looked down… and realized he was on a wagon. “Oh, that used to be Kid’s.” George said. “Mostly been gatherin’ dust in the junk pile… but I decided to pack it in the ol’ Infi-Cube. And it came just in handy! Ah knew my hunch was right!”

George placed the flapjack on a plate and brought it to Chuck. “Well, dig in.”

“…” Chuck held the plate… but all he could do was stare at the well-done pastry.

The sounds of ship engines drew their attention skyward. Samus and Rivet landed as they and their guests stepped out. “Kid!” George beamed. “Thank the stars! How’re things goin’ out there?”

“I got the Omnitrix!” Kid showed the watch on his wrist.

“Well, good for you, little feller!” George walked to the cooking pan and poured more dough for another round of flapjacks. “…WWWWWHUUUUUUUUUUT?!” He was in so much shock that he multiplied into dozens of clones to convey his feeling. Even Chuck was dumbstruck by the development. He was Dumbstruck Chuck!

Star briefly recapped the events that led to this. “At least Vilgax didn’t get it.” Rivet said. “…Actually, that’s really good. Can it really turn you into any alien?”

“I guess… I don’t know how it works.” Kid tapped the circular component with the green hourglass-shaped emblem on the watch. “Oh!” That circular part jutted out like a switch. A hologram of a Klaxian appeared. “That looks like… you!” He pointed at Chuck. The crustacean wanted to argue otherwise. Kid turned the circle; the hologram switched to that of a, “Chozo…” He turned again. “Lombax.” Rivet perked up. “A Four-Arms. XLR8. Diamondhead. And there’s that Galvan guy!”

“But how does it transform you?” Rivet wondered.

“Maybe I gotta push this-” Kid pressed the watch back down while it was on the Galvan. There was a flash of green as his gooey body turned a grayish-green and his head became the shape of a Galvan. His goggles were still over his amphibian eyes, and while his shoes disappeared over his 3-toed feet, the rest of his clothes and cape remained. Kid then shrank to six inches tall to complete the transformation. “Wooooow…” Adjusting to his new vision, Kid gazed up at his colossal acquaintances. “This is so weird…”

“At least you picked a safe one to start with.” Star gently picked his friend up. The Omnitrix emblem was on his back. “How do you feel?”

“Like I’m in one of those drug commercials. In fact, you skin has a lot more detail, Star.”

“Okay, but how do ya change back?” George asked.

“The Omnitrix is on his back now.” Star noticed. “If you had to push it again, it’s not very convenient.” He tapped the emblem. “No…”

“At any rate,” Tetrax began, “I think the best option now is to hide Kid. At least until we defeat Vilgax for good.”

“You ain’t wrong there.” George agreed. “I guess I should round up the crew and-”

“Nuh-uh! I ain’t hiding anywhere! I came all this way with Star and I wanna finish it!”

“Well, you can’t just bring the Omnitrix right back to Vilgax.” Samus argued. “…Actually, do you have any real interest in keeping that thing? If not, we should consider destroying it completely.”

“But it kind of seems welded to Kid’s body.” Star replied. “That… wouldn’t be healthy for him.”

“Not that YOU care, Samus!” Kid shouted. “Huh?” There was an alarm sound. They noticed the Omnitrix blinking red. BEEP, BOP, BO, boop…

There was a flash of red as Kid exploded back to normal, landing in Star’s lap. “Haha! I’m back!”

“So, it’s on a timer.” Star observed.

Kid tried to pull up the watch’s button, but it stayed down as it glowed red. “Haha, this is cool though! Wouldn’t this be a neat idea for a videogame? And I could unlock more alien forms as I play and use them to solve new puzzles?”

“You’re kind of right! Too bad we didn’t have this thing for the whole adventure.”

“Look, just what do you plan to do now?” Samus asked impatiently. “We have a war to win!”

“Just what I said!” Kid declared, hopping to his feet. “I’m sticking with Star all the way! I ain’t gonna let Vilgax have this, don’t worry!”

“Yeah.” Star rose by his side. “Besides, we’ll be protecting him. Vilgax is going down today!”

“Then let’s get to work!” Rivet fist-pumped.

“But, before that… we still have an E.M.M.I. to deal with. We just need to find another way into its rift first.”

A patch of ground began shaking. “Seems we got alien gophers.” George said.

“RAAAHG!” Myaxx burst from the ground. “Huh?” She was shocked to see her acquaintances here. “Ugh! Did we seriously wind up on the wrong planet?!”

“Um, actually… we’ve already been to Galvan.” Tetrax said.

“You have?!”

“Yeah, I got the Omnitrix.” Kid raised it. “But the planet got destroyed.”

“W-Wh-whoa-whuh…” The information was too wild for her to digest.

“Hey, are those pancakes ready?” Kid took one off the pan, applied some butter and syrup, and ate. “Mmmmmm! Star, try one!”


“Oh, there’s a rift down there.” Tetrax looked into the hole Myaxx came from. “Maybe we can start down there, kids.”

“Good idea. Rivet, Samus, why don’t you go on ahead to Vilgaxia? Take Myaxx, too.”

“Okay, Star.” Rivet agreed.

“CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO ME?!” screamed Myaxx. “How could that little BRAT have the Omnitrix?!”

“I feel your pain, sister.” Samus patted her back.

Star and Kid headed toward the new rift. “Yeeooou mek… guud seets…”

The boys stopped in surprise and turned. Chuck had spoken. He seemed sheepish by their reaction. “…What?” Kid asked.

“He said I make good sweets.” George smiled. “Why, thank you, Chuck.”

“…” Star and Kid shared a glance. “Well, come to Mo’s later!” With that, they jumped in the rift, with Tetrax following. (Play “Kavu Island” from Ratchet: Up Your Arsenal!)

Vil Galaxy, Mission Update: Destroy the last E.M.M.I.!

The trio wound up on a massive asteroid of an orange-brown color. Along with other asteroids, they seemed to orbit a much larger mass of the same color. “Terradino, the dinosaur moon.” Tetrax said.

“I recognize those guys!” Kid called out to the incoming Astrodactyls. The humanoid pterosaurs spewed stars at the group. Tetrax shot crystals at their jetpack wings, grounding the dinosaurs, leaving Star and Kid to KO them with the S.P.O.R.E. and Z.A.P.B.L.E.R.. Star used Gravity Shift to float them between more asteroids, all while Ultimasaurs spat webs at them from other asteroids. The group reached a field of small asteroids, but had no way to go beyond that. However, Star used the S.P.I.T.R.A.P. to web all those small asteroids and yank them together into a large one, which they could shift onto! From there, they could jump to another larger asteroid, where a rift was guarded by two Humungousaurs.

“We don’t need to waste time with them, just move!” Tetrax ushered. They bolted straight for the rift and dove in. The Humungousaurs, unable to fit through the tiny rifts, could only flail their arms through to no avail.

“Hey, this place looks tasty!” Kid beamed. They were standing on a plateau overlooking a vast, pink, almost cottony canyon. Kid bent down and munched a bite out of the grass. “Mmmmm! It IS tasty!”

“Gonna be hard to distinguish a rift apart from the landscape.” Star said.

“Uh-oh!” Tetrax gasped. “This is a Peptos Moon!” The ground began shaking. “THEY’RE ALREADY COMING!”

“What’s coming?” Kid looked behind the rift. “…UH-OH!”

“GOURMANDS!” Short, green aliens with gills and big mouths were munching along the plateau, consuming it. “RUN!” They raced up the trail, having to form parallel rows of Space Blocks to Wall Jump across a gap. “There used to be 13 Peptos Moons, but the Gourmands nearly ate all of them! This is the 12th one!”

On the next plateau, they jumped up a flight of natural stairs, then overlooked a narrow slope fit for their Space Ball. They rolled down the slope with great speed and launched off a ramp at the end. They landed on a similar, swirling ball path at the top of a peak, looping around as it ended at another ramp, launching them to a larger plateau. The trio resized and had to navigate a small maze as the Gourmands continued to munch after them. Thankfully, they managed to find the exit, encountering-

“Sector JP?!” Star exclaimed.

“Star?!” Mazu gasped. “Wow! Didn’t expect to see you here! Say, you didn’t see any hungry aliens on the way here, did you?”

“Mazu, they’re coming!” Joto called from the air.

The maze crumbled behind them as the Gourmands arrived. “STOOOOOP!” Mazu crossed his knife and fork and took the front stage! The aliens immediately stopped in their tracks. “It’s wrong to eat the ground you tread! Where are you going to live if this keeps up?! Would you stop if I treat you to something tastier?”

His leader, Ichigo threw off a giant tarp, revealing a massive buffet! The Gourmands’ jaws shot wide open, devouring it all in moments. “Heheh…way to come in clutch, Mazu.” Star said.

“I am a little worried of them invading other worlds for their food.” Ichigo said.

“Yeah… before you know it, Samus will have a new species to hunt. Well, uh, carry on, then!” There was a rift just left of the buffet.

Sometime after the trio left, one of the Gourmands approached Ichigo. “What’s up, little guy?” The giant smiled.

“…” Its eyes were pale and ghostly. From its gaping maw, an X Parasite shot out into Ichigo’s body.

Star, Kid, and Tetrax landed on a crystal asteroid, gazing at a more tremendous crystal complex. “It’s my homeworld!” Tetrax said. “Petropia!”

“A planet of pets?” Kid asked. “Not how I expected it to look.”

“The Riftdar’s picking up a signal there.” Star said. “Hopefully, this’ll be the diamond in the rough.” They stepped through another rift, leading them directly onto the crystalline landscape. “Reminds me a lot of Planet Emera.”

“You know,” Tetrax began, “there’s a myth among my people that Petropia fractured off from a much larger planet.”

“Well, there are a handful of large fissures in Emera… It used to be a pretty unstable planet. So, that’s very interesting.”

They had to cross a chasm in which floating crystal platforms floated in either horizontal or diagonal patterns. Laser walls threatened them, but while Tetrax could survive them, Star had to phase himself and Kid through with Warp Dash. The last platform brought them to a passage where they had to jump a sequence of suspended treadmills that were moving against their desired direction. Lasers would ignite on and off to complicate their journey across, but with enough perseverance, they succeeded.

They reached a stable area on a ledge overlooking a pit, with several crystals suspended over it. There was one on their ledge, along with three switches for turning certain sets of crystals. “Ah.” Tetrax said in recognition. “We need to refract light between the crystals and form a heart shape. But it looks like the laser is disabled.”

“But maybe I can do this.” Star zapped Space Lightning through the starting crystal. It refracted around some of the crystals. “Aha! Now we just have to line them up right.”

It took a few minutes for them to rotate the crystals so that the lightning could refract in the proper direction. It was quite a relief when the pink lightning finally formed a heart shape. A cluster of crystals blocking the nearby cavern receded, so they entered. There was a rift that led them to a vast chamber. “Are those Chozo?!” Star exclaimed. Short, birdlike aliens in mechanical armor were standing victorious over purple aliens with single eyes and thin red crystals jutting from their body.

“Raven Beak’s Mawkin warriors. This used to be the chamber of Petropia’s Heart!” Tetrax exclaimed, readying his shards. “The Crystalsapiens were still guarding it.”

“And that’s the Nether Rift!” Star pointed above the Heart’s altar. “I bet these Chozo are here for a reason!”

The three Chozo charged at the intruders with jet boosters. Tetrax swiped his arm at the blue one, knocking it back, but it quickly retaliated with missiles. The Chozo charged its wrist blade with red energy and slashed Tetrax up the middle. The Petrosapien endured the pain as he linked both fists, morphed them into a spikeball, and slammed down on the Mawkin.

Kid used his Gravity Disk to stretch thin, bending his body to dodge between the red Mawkin’s bullets. He fired the E.G.G.Z.O.O.I.E. in turn, but quickly dodged back when it lunged at him with an energy slash. His weapon’s roulette landed on a grenade for a heavy blast against the Chozo. The yellow one dealt a Slash Dash at Star, but he Warp Dashed through him and zapped him with Space Lightning. Star shot Sprinkle Spores into the air to trap all the Mawkin in moss, allowing his teammates to deal free damage to them. The Chozo broke free and dodged the falling bombs; Star barely dodged the yellow’s slash, suffering a small cut. Kid shot an I.N.K.S.P.O.N.G.E. to blot their vision with ink; he used a S.M.R.I.N.G. to finish off his Mawkin, Star used the N.A.V.S.C.O.P.E. to defeat his, while Tetrax bombarded the blue one with shards.

Their armor beeped, the trio clearing away before they self-destructed. “Alright.” Star said with a catch of his breath. “Let’s finish this!” (Play “E.M.M.I. Chase” from Metroid Dread!)

They slid right down a steep, crystal slope, with no way to climb back to the rift. The Omega Core was straight across a cracked, crystal floor. “This feels sturdy enough to walk on.” Tetrax said. “But I get the feeling there’s another trap afoot.”

“Let me just plant this.” Star made a Warp Space. “I’ll go first… Wish me luck!” He progressed across the ground quickly, but quietly. He saw the E.M.M.I.’s searchlight shining from beneath, so he used the C.L.O.U.D.B.L.U.F.F.… unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. The E.M.M.I. already heard the sound. “WHOOOAAAA!” It triggered its vortex, completely shattering the crystal ground, so Star immediately returned to the Warp Space. The group remained stable in the rift’s entrance tunnel, but the droid already knew to go after them. “Crud! Now we have NO way across!”

“No… but I do!”

“Kid?!” Star gasped as his partner flew across the pit with his Gravity Disk.

“I’ll get the blue stuff on one of my weapons! Just try to avoid it for now!”

“O-Okay…” Star and Tetrax jumped into the pit and ran separate directions to confuse the E.M.M.I.. It targeted Star, who Warp Dashed like the dickens to outrun it.

Inside the Omega chamber, Kid used up the last of his E.G.G.Z.O.O.I.E. ammo on the eyeball. He then shot out a combo of S.M.R.I.N.G.s to shatter the armor and crush the blue brain into the ground. “Alrighty… the egg weapon’s outta ammo. I guess I’ll use the—whoa!” He slipped on an armor shard and fell onto the brain. “Huh?!” The energy began to seep into his Omnitrix. “W-Wait! This?!”

The green emblem sparked blue. Looks like he had no choice but to rely on it. He pulled up the alien selection… and decided to press it on the Chozo. In a blue flash, Kid was several feet taller, inhabiting a birdlike body.

“AAAAH!” Star was sucked in by the E.M.M.I.’s vortex. But just as it grabbed his first arm, the droid’s priorities suddenly changed: it turned as Kid dropped into the pit. “Kid?! Why’re you in that form?!”

“Things just happened!”

The E.M.M.I. kicked on its vortex again and sucked the Chozo right over. When the vortex disabled and the E.M.M.I. jumped to pin Kid down, the boy threw up his leg, kicking the E.M.M.I. with reflexes he never had before. “Whoa…” The droid charged at him, but Kid dealt a swift swipe of his shimmering blue talons, scratching the iris. Seizing the opportunity, Kid pinned the E.M.M.I. down himself, his right hand pressed firmly over the eye. “AAAGH!” The needle jutted out, puncturing his hand. Still, Kid kept squeezing as the E.M.M.I. kept sparking and squirming.


Finally, the last E.M.M.I. lay dead. Kid climbed off, wincing from the pain as blood leaked from the gap in his right hand. “It seems your Polymorph invulnerability doesn’t transfer to your transformations.” Tetrax observed. “Hopefully, it’ll heal after you revert.”


A ball of pink light rose from the droid. “You did great, Kid.” Star smiled. “…You know, if you could change into a Zathurian, I’d let you have it.”

“Hey, you’re the space master here. Just take it already!”

“Hahaha! Okay… and thanks.” Star accepted the chi into his system.

Star learned the Endless Vortex! He can conjure a large vortex to damage multiple enemies and destroy certain structures!

“KID, LOOK OUT!” Tetrax jumped to defend him from a thrown spear, puncturing his hip. “Agh!”

“More Chozo!” Star yelled. A red and yellow soldier stood in the rift entrance; these were much taller than the previous three, about eight feet. (Play “Chozo Warrior” from Metroid Dread!)

“(Why is that vermin wearing our face? We’ll bring him to the chief! Kill the other two!)”

The Elite Mawkin jumped into the pit, twirling two-sided spears and drawing shields. Tetrax engaged the yellow one, trying to swing his arms around the shield, but the Chozo used his spear to counter him. He flipped into the air and thrusted down, but Tetrax barely avoided the spear. In the time the Mawkin took to pull his weapon out, Tetrax slashed him twice. Kid surprised the soldier from behind with a swipe of his talons, but consecutive swipes were countered by the Chozo’s spear. He flipped his spear under Kid’s foot and flipped the boy on his back, but Tetrax tackled and bashed the soldier before he could stab Kid.

Star shot S.N.O.B.O.M.B.E.R.s at the red Mawkin, but his shield withstood being frozen as he planted it to the ground. A slot opened, shooting missiles from the shield, which Star dodged with Warp Dashes. He shot his G.R.A.P.PL.U.H. at the shield’s cannon and engaged him in tug-o-war. “Kid, help me out!” His sidekick recovered and rushed over to tug the rope, yanking the shield away. The yellow Mawkin knocked Tetrax off his feet before lunging to tackle Kid. He thrusted his spear at Kid’s beak, but Kid grabbed it in both hands and pushed back. His Omnitrix began to beep: just as the Mawkin took back his spear and slashed at Kid’s face, the boy shrank back to his normal form and dodged. “Pbbbbttthhh!” Kid raspberried.

“Guys, hold firm!” Star yelled. He held a palm forward and conjured a vortex. Both Chozo were sucked into it, smashing together in the center as they spiraled. They were quick to recover after the spinning stopped, but Tetrax managed a solid bash to the red one’s head. The yellow planted its shield and shot missiles at Kid, but he used the Gravity Disk to bend himself and dodge them. Star grappled the shield and tugged it while Kid dazed the Chozo with the H.O.M.E.R., causing the Chozo to lose the shield.

Both Chozo joined side-by-side. They kicked off the wall behind them, then kicked off each other before thrusting their spears on separate sides of the arena. They released two tall shockwaves: Star Warp Dashed through them, Kid floated over, and Tetrax endured them. Tetrax shot shards at the yellow one as it charged him, dodging the thrust of his spear and grabbing the weapon. Tetrax raised his spiked right arm and bashed the bird until he was KO’ed. The red Chozo thrusted his spear at Star, but he formed a Space Block to bind the weapon just before it touched him. Kid pelted him with the E.G.G.Z.O.O.I.E. while Star electrocuted him with lightning. The E.G.G.Z.O.O.I.E.’s roulette landed on a Dark Egg, which was just enough to KO the Mawkin. (End song.)

“Huff…huff…that was tense…” Star caught his breath. “Kid, how’s your hand?”

The boy looked at it. Goo was slowly molding over the gap. “It’s getting better… but it still hurts. You know, when I was a Chozo… somehow, I knew how to fight like one.”

“Perhaps the DNA embedded in the Omnitrix comes with instincts.” Tetrax said. “Still, you should be careful with it. Now then… I think it’s time we head for the capital.”

“Yeah.” Star affirmed. There was a small tunnel the E.M.M.I. had used to get in here. They Space Balled through it, rolling down a slope toward the path of large holes: the area Kid came through when he first entered this Nether Rift.

“Huh. To think the core thing was so close to this spot.” Kid reflected.

“That’s level design for ya.” Star said. “But where do we go from here…”

Around the galaxy

“SENSATIONAL!” Promoter Zurk exclaimed. “The titanic Robeasts were no match to the Kids Next Door! The war is so intense that an entire planet seems to have imploded into a black hole! Promoter Zurk feels bad for all the poor souls who decided to vacation there… yet, he also feels THRIIIIILLED! Meanwhile, Frieza has shown his true colors and dismantled Voltron the Defender! Now only Earth’s strongest operatives seem to stand in his way! Will they survive?! Or will they perish in a GLORIOUS explosion?!”

“There’s nothing glorious about that!” Tiffi shouted.

“Explosions are AAAAARRRRRT!”

In the Khoros Desert, Sector W collapsed on the sand after their exhausting battles. “That was tough, huh, Jolene?”

“You call that tough?” Spike panted. “I’m just layin’ here ’cause the sand’s good on my back.”

“But were any of them the boss of this level…?” Jolene asked.

“I think Vilgax is the real boss here.” Robi laughed. “As soon as we beat him, we can all go home!”

“I hope Star and Kid are okay.” Lily said. “…Um, guys? Is that a mirage?”

She pointed up at a swirling green portal in the sky. “Is it another one of those rifts?” Kent asked.

“But it’s green.” Robi fluttered up to it. “They’re usually pink, right? So, what—AAH!” X Parasites flew through it, infecting the Nimbi.

“WHAT THE-?!” Kent screamed, the others jumping up.

“CRUD!” Spike formed sandy armor to protect himself from them.


“Katie!” Mika screamed.

“Mika, run! The jellies are here! The jellies-!”

More parasites flew out of her. Mika shielded her friends in a barrier. “Bucko, I think we should take cover in ChalkZone!” Snap yelled.

“Guck! Kuh!” Mazu coughed. All his teammates had become infected. “They looked a little tasty at first… but I’m starting to have second thoughts!”

“You think?!” Kodachi shouted.

“Lucas, you git!” Veronica shouted. “How could you let it get you?!”

“It just came outta nowhere! I couldn’t-” An X flew out of him into Veronica.


“That’s what ya get for opening your big mouth!” Karma remarked, standing near Aria as she protected them with a magic barrier.

“Go-Getters Club!” Kansai began.

“HEY, HEY, HOOOOOO!” The 14 Zodiacs cheered in unison upon leaping out of the Maximus Security Prison.

“Hey, don’t leave without us!” Carlos yelled, his team following behind the Go-Getters. “We barely got done locking Maximus and Minimus in the closet!”

“You okay, Jennu?” Kunira asked. “Being stuck in there for so long must’ve stunk!”

“No kidding!” Jennu was afloat as she held onto Suna’s hand, happy to feel the breeze on her monochrome face and to be with her best friends. “I hope you didn’t have too much fun without me.”

“The funnest part’s just gettin’ started, sister!” Suna replied.

“School’s been a blast, that’s for sure!” Carlos said. “All the classrooms lead to Mushroom World now! And we’ve been-”

“Wait!” Pochi stopped the group, growing weary at a green portal.

“Hey! That portal’s the wrong color!” Yuki said.

Sage gasped. “That’s one of Sanchez’s!”

“AAH!” X Parasites flew out of it. “GET BACK!” Pochi, Yuki, Tattsun, and Sage entered their Fusion forms. The others retreated, but another portal opened: the X swiftly flew out to infect Mowchan, the Inklings, and Carlos’ group.

“AAAAAHH! WHAT ARE THESE?!” Carlos screamed.

“I… wanna… puke…!” Mowchan moaned.

Vilgaxia Capital

Spike Spiegel and Jet Black KO’ed a duo of pale aliens in red overalls; the portly one lay over his skinny brother’s body. “Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle.” Jet brushed his hands. “That’s another 50,000 credits in the bag!”

“And that makes six intergalactic supervillains in the bag!” Spike declared. “That’s on top of the pay the KND owe us! GYAH!” A Dark Metroid grabbed his head.

“Spike!” Jet gasped.

“Haha!” Edward laughed. “It thinks Spike’s head is a cabbage!”


Luckily, a ray of light would answer his prayers: Light Ammo, to be exact. “Samus!” Jet exclaimed.

“You’re lucky that bush was there to shield you.” Samus remarked as she killed the Metroid. Three more flew behind her, but Rivet froze them solid.

“Say, how much do Metroids fetch bounty wise?” Spike asked.

“Just get your arses moving! Rivet, if you got things covered in town, I’m heading to the palace! I’m sensing a strong Metroid presence there.”

“You can count on me!”

The bodies of Birdpeople and Chozo littered the palace grounds. Only three Mawkin were left standing: Raven Beak and two Elites. The strongest Chozo crushed the bleeding Birdperson beneath his talon. “You were stronger than I expected. But a far cry from my daughter.”


“I will give you an honorable warrior’s death.”


“RAAAAAAHHH!” The human hybrid Birdgirl flew at Raven Beak for a momentous kick… but her ankle immediately sprained against his armor. “OUCH! THAT HURT, YOU BASTARD!” The stubborn child flew around to punch and kick him from several angles. “Get off Birddaddy!”

“Birddaughter, I told you to wait at the ship!”

“ACK!” Raven Beak snatched her in his hand.

“You’re a feisty one. I bet you’re brimming with energy. It’s time to test out my new power…”

“CHIEF!” His soldiers alerted him to a storm of missiles. The missiles struck them as Samus Aran leapt up the stairway. With swift kicks and plasma blasts, the Elite Soldiers were slain.

“How nice to see you again… my daughter.”

“Drop her.” Samus trained her cannon.

“Oh, I will… as soon as I’ve had my fill.”

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh!” Birddaughter screamed as energy flowed from her into the Chozo’s arm. Samus gasped and dashed—Raven Beak zipped behind her with a Flash Shift and blasted her with his cannon. Samus recovered and leapt to kick Birddaughter out of his grasp, then dodging when he swiped his talon.

“What did you just do?!”

“Ha ha ha ha… I sent one of the Metroids to Dr. Clown. From it, he created the Metroid-Metroid Fruit. Now you and I… truly share the same genes, my daughter.”

A furious Samus jumped against him with the Screw Attack. The chief endured the electrocution and punched her several yards to his left. “You bested me before with your Metroid awakening… but even then, you could not finish me. Now I no longer fear even the X Parasites. At last, the dreams of the Mawkin Tribe are revived! Zebes will be full of Metroids… and so will the rest of Nintendia!”

“No they won’t.” Samus loaded more ammo into her cannon. “I promised Henki Maradis… that I would end this once and for all.”

“And I will end… my greatest failure.” (Play “Raven Beak Full Theme” from Metroid Dread!)

Boss fight: Raven Beak (Ashkar Behek)

Samus countered talon swipes from the Mawkin Chief, knocking him off-balance and blasting Wave Beams through his armor. Raven Beak fired Phazon balls from his cannon, and as she dodged, Samus loaded Phazon ammo into her own and fired back. Ashkar Flash Shifted behind the hunter and grabbed her by the head, sapping energy from her suit, but Samus shot an Ice Missile into his arm to free herself. Raven unleashed the Aura Sweep across the battlefield, forcing Samus to come to him. She curled into Morph Ball and got between his talons, planting a Power Bomb and enveloping him in its explosion. After it cleared, Raven searched for where she’d gone. She used the Phantom Cloak to hide herself, locking onto Ashkar’s shoulders, leg joints, and neck, firing a Storm Missile combo upon the Chozo.

The missiles caused Ashkar’s cape to fall off, but this merely made him lighter. Ashkar dashed away with a Speed Boost function, and when Samus chased him with the same technique, Ashkar stopped, flashing purple. He lunged at Samus with a Shinespark, the hunter too late to dodge as she was pushed across the pavilion and smashed into the palace wall. Ashkar kept his grasp on her and sapped Samus’ energy, but she morphed into Metroid Fury and drained the energy back from him. She charged Light and Dark ammo in her cannon, firing a Sonic Boom that blew Ashkar several yards back.

The chief steeled himself into a halt and stretched a pair of great, raven-black wings. Ashkar took flight, mustering dark energy into his cannon and firing a Black Sun. The ball of darkness slowly homed in on Samus, threatening to suck her in for crushing damage. The hunter charged her Light Ammo and fired a Sunburst at the darkness, extinguishing it. Through the bright explosion, Ashkar swooped down and swiped his talon across her helmet, the impact scratching the visor. Samus growled and used the Screw Attack to jump up to his level. Samus dodged his volley of bullets, and when the Mawkin lunged at her, Samus Flash Shifted out of his way. She then latched onto his back with the Grapple Beam, afterwards pumping a helping of Fire Beams into his wings.

Ashkar violently shook Samus off, brushing the flames off his feathers. After Samus hit the ground, Ashkar charged his Shinespark and shot straight down, unleashing an energy shockwave. Samus narrowly jumped over it, resuming Screw Attack flight to chase Ashkar in the air. Ashkar switched on Lightning Armor to counter her electrifying technique; but after dodging his first round of talon swipes, Samus switched into Metroid Fury and latched onto him, sapping his electrical energy. With his armor dispelled, Samus resumed Screw Attack form, now with a larger field of electricity. She spun right into him like a hedgehog’s super-charged Homing Attack! The overwhelming force incinerated Ashkar’s wings and plunged him to the ground.

Turning to both of his charred wings, Ashkar ripped the useless things clean off his back. “Perhaps more energy is what I need.” Ashkar kicked on his Speed Booster and dashed into Vilgax’s palace. Without mercy, he grabbed and sucked the energy from every guard and servant in sight.

“RAVEN BEAK!” Vilgax hissed through the intercoms. “You traitor! Stop this at once!”

“No cost is too great, My Lord!” Brimming with red aura, Ashkar turned his cannon once Samus caught up to him. She barely dodged the massive beam, grazing the left half of her suit. Igniting Metroid Fury once more, she dug her claws into a wall and sucked power from the building. She mixed the energy with another Phazon Cell and riddled the Chozo with bullets. Ashkar tanked the damage and rushed Samus, the two exchanging punches and kicks of Haki that crumbled the walls around them. Ashkar landed a solid punch that blew Samus through several walls, landing in the palace arcade. As the gamers looked on in horror, Samus quickly sucked energy from the consoles, forever ruining their high scores.

Samus unloaded the energy as soon as Ashkar showed himself, but he was quick to drain the actual gamers of their life. They seemed to improve his reflexes as he engaged Samus in direct combat, moving more swiftly than her. Complete with his larger size, he had Samus on the ground in seconds, grabbing her with his bottom right talon. He leapt and slammed her against the floor repeatedly, eventually crumbling right through it into the palace basem*nt. Samus escaped his hold and absorbed energy from the heaters. She charged up her Flamethrower and unleashed a great stream at her foe. As Ashkar fled the flames, he amassed his Speed Boost and plowed through the walls of the basem*nt. He grabbed Samus in ambush and Shinesparked directly upward, holding her aloft as they smashed about 20 stories up.

The last floor they crashed was occupied by Cleveland Brown in his bathtub. “No no no no NO NO!” His tub slid and fell through all the holes.

Ashkar began to sap the energy from Samus, but she pressed her hand to the wall and sapped all the energy from the palace that she could. “What a shame that my greatest creation has become obsolete. That I’ve surpassed you in every capacity. Now my empire can rise again. We will rule the Nintendia Galaxy… and perhaps beyond!”

Samus would never let his dreams come to pass. His fatal mistake had been crossing paths with the Hunter in the first place. She would complete her mission… and wipe the Metroid scourge from the universe! The palace rumbled as every ounce of energy was absorbed into her being. She began to flash neon, pouring all that was left of her power into her cannon. Raven Beak, with the amount of energy stolen from her, charged his own cannon. Aimed directly at each other, the Hyper Beams fired.

The rainbow energy swallowed them both, burning all the way through the outside of the palace. In their attempts to circle each other, they burned a perfect circle through that layer of the palace. The entire structure above it fell and became slanted, causing the two to fall and slide off the front portion. They crashed onto the pavilion, the armor crumbling off of them. Samus lay exposed in her veiny Fusion Armor, gasping for breath. “Huaf…huaf…” She heard Raven Beak panting and looked over. The Chozo rose to his feet, armorless.

“Huff…it’s over… my daughter…” He limped toward her, claws sharpened with Haki.

“Hnn…uuurrrrgh!” Samus forced herself to stand; it felt like gravity had grown a hundred times heavier. She grabbed the Plasma Whip at her hip. Waiting for her chance, Samus lashed the whip at his raised claw, wrapping it and using it to swing onto his head. She wrapped arms around Ashkar’s thick neck and began to twist.

“Aaaauuuuuuggggh…!” Raven Beak struggled to pry her off… He hadn’t the strength left.

“Not used to expelling that much energy… are you?”

“H…How…how can you have this much strength left?!”

“What can I say… it’s just in my blood.”

“AAAAAAaaahhhh…” (End song.)

The Mawkin Chief lay dead on the ground. A huge wave of relief washed over Samus. One of the greatest threats to Zebes and the universe was dead. Another dangerous parasite was extinguished. “…?” But something was off: Birdperson and his daughter were gone. “Where’d those two go? I guess they had enough strength to get away…”

Minutes ago

Birdperson and his daughter fell through a green portal while the battle commenced. They landed on a roof overlooking the capital. “Rick…”

“Hey, Birdperson.” Rick began to treat his wounds.

“They said you were working under Vilgax… but I did not want to believe it. You realize that the former Schwifty Federation is aligned under him?”

“Vilgax is a means to an end. An end that was just snatched away from us.”

“These children helped me save Birddaughter. I don’t want to fight you, Rick… but I cannot allow you to harm them.”

“It’s too late for that, chief. The X have already infected them. And sooner or later, they’ll get to the boy with the Omnitrix…”

“I suppose none of this matters to you. Are you even the Rick I know?”

“Probably not. I already took out the Rick of this dimension. And eventually, this inferior universe will crumble away like all the others. Still, if the Firstborn are lingering in this world… maybe I’m wrong.” Rick smiled. “We’ll see about that, won’t we?”

“Is that why you’re saving me now?”

“No matter which world I’m in, I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for you.” Rick drew a bubble gun and puffed large bubbles to encase Birdperson and Birddaughter. “So, for your own safety, stay in there.”

Sonorosia Caves

From the Nether Rift, Star’s group entered the dark caves echoing with the sounds of the Sonorosians; which Kid called Echo-Echoes. They had just notice the cracked wall on one side of the entrance room. Star stood near it and felt a breeze. Palms held forward, Star opened a vortex and crumbled the wall, sucking the rubble into nothingness. “Aha!” There was a rift behind it. From it, a bright green sea splayed before them. Star and Kid shared a wondrous glance and jumped in the sea. “Check it out, Star! There’s a city down there!”

“That’s the capital!” Tetrax exclaimed. “This is the sky sea that floats above it! We made it!

“This isn’t how I was expecting to get here!” Star smiled. “…WAIT! Kid, the last star riddle! Remember?!”

“Uh…we kinda been through so much, I forgot!”

“‘When fish swim in the floating sea, the sky will shine with golden pee’!”

“UGH, GROSS! I wish I DIDN’T remember that!”

“But what could it mean… When fish swim in the…fish… FISH!”

Star drew the S.C.H.O.O.L. and released a school of piranhas. The fish seemed unusually relaxed in this environment. They released deep sighs… and began to relieve their selves. “Uhhhhh, Star? I think we should go now!”

“I’ll help you kids sink!” Tetrax grabbed them in his arms and deflated his suit. They held breaths and fell through the sea as fast as they could before the green filled with yellow. They emerged from the bottom before becoming too tainted, plummeting toward the warring capital streets.

“Great!” Kid yelled. “But now we’re gonna splatter on the ground!”

“No we won’t!” Star shifted their gravity toward one of the giant, bowl-shaped overhang structures; they looked like giant streetlights, but were actually buildings. “Phew! Hey, KND ships are landing! And there’s the Castle of Lions over those mountains!”

“Haha, they’re just in time for the big show!” Kid cheered.

“Yeah, but what about…” They faced up at the sky sea. The green had become completely golden… and they cringed in disgust. The yellow shone ever brighter… and with a great twinkle, a gold star descended. Star held his hands aloft, allowing it into his grasp.

Then the star took off, joining its brethren at the Star Sanctuary. The stars spiraled and ignited a bright light.

“…So, what did that do?” Kid asked.

“I’m… not sure. Anyway, better climb down.”


“Hahahahaha!” Sunny Jason laughed as he outran Frieza’s fireworks. “YIPES!” The overlord intercepted and swiped his tail, but Jason limbo-ducked it and scampered backwards as he punched a storm of Light Fists. Most of them bounced off Frieza’s golden skin, but one of them melded into the reflection. “Yeeheehee!” Jason whirled his hands, spinning the refraction around Frieza’s head. The light repeatedly flashed in his eyes, irritating him just enough that he squinted his eyes. Christina charged at him from the left and slashed her flaming blade into his eyes. “Ha ha! Huh?!” Frieza grabbed her katana and squeezed it into pieces. Booms erupted from both sides of his clenched palm, blowing Christina back. She stared sadly at her broken hilt. “Eh, it didn’t feel right for me, anyway.”

Frieza lunged at her and thrusted his palm, channeling combustion. Christina, harnessing Malladus’ chi, aimed her palm at Frieza’s, then directed it left: she bent the combusted air away from them and had it boom in safety. “He-hey! I can redirect combust—EEK!” Frieza combusted the ground beneath them and sent Christina miles away.

“HAAAAH!” Jason jumped Frieza from behind and slammed a fast, powerful Light Fist into his purple scalp. “…OOOOOOOOWWW!” Jason fell on his back, rolling as he rubbed his sprained knuckles. “Yowch-ouch-ouch-ouch! I thought the purple spots were weak!”

“My Haki is spread evenly, you idiot.” Frieza flicked a boom, and Jason seemed to evaporate on the spot. However, he actually side-rolled away at great speed. As Frieza considered chasing him, a pink energy force suddenly bound him in place.

“How d’ya like my Smart Star’s advanced tether power?!” Marty shouted, the energy linked to his craft. Frieza scoffed and began to spin in place. “CRUUUUUUD!” His force was strong enough to tug and spin the Smart Star with him.

On the Castle of Lions, an injured Coran pulled himself up to the controls and routed almost all energy to the central energy cannon. “Okay, he’s alone. It’s now or never.” He locked dead on Frieza just as he escaped the tether. “FIIIRRRRRRRE!”

A great, white and blue beam fired from the tip of the castle. Frieza caught the glare in the corner of his eye and dodged backward! “QUIZNAK!”

Christina and Jason looked to where the laser was flying and smirked. “I was worried about that.” Perry Uno said, standing in its wake. He held his Mirror Shield forward. And the second the laser made contact, he performed a Shield Bash. “HaaaaaAAAAAHHH!” The force was intense, but his sacred shield managed to deflect the massive laser. He reflected it straight at Frieza. “WHAT?!” The overlord was taken aback by its sudden redirection.

“YES!” Coran fist-pumped. “A DIRECT HIT! Uck!”

The feeling that pumped Coran’s heart… was now empty. Burter, the fastest of the Ginyu Force, pierced his hand straight through him. Coran’s eyes lost their color. The royal advisor of Princess Allura fell dead in his station. “Heh heh…no one cheap-shots Frieza like that. UACK!”

A blade pierced the back of his blue skull: the Luxite blade of Keith’s mother, Krolia. She held back tears as she looked over Coran’s body.

“Paladins… can you hear me?” The Paladins weakly awakened to Krolia’s voice. “Coran… is dead.”

“What?!” Allura gasped.

“It was one of the Ginyu. I’m sorry, Princess… I couldn’t stop him in time.”

Her tears were blinding. Coran was like a second father to her… full of wisdom and humor. She would never hear his whimsical educational spiels again…

As passion and anger fueled the Paladins, the Lions brimmed with life again.

Frieza flew up to shoot booms at Perry, the young hero aiming his shield at each of the impact points. The force would still blast him backward, but any damaging heat would be deflected. Frieza zipped behind Perry and tried to grab his head, but he ducked by a hair’s breadth and side-ran left. He knew better than to test his swords against Gold Haki, so he simply ran. Frieza dashed at him with greater speed, leaving Perry in panic. “HAHAHAHA!” But Jason zipped from behind Frieza, grabbed his Supreme Leader, and swiftly outran him.

“Those brats can’t even meet Lord Frieza in a fair fight!” Berryblue shouted, piloting Frieza’s saucer. “I’ll stop them! AAH!”

The tip of a crescent moon ship pierced hers. “If you want a fair fight, you’ll stay out of the way!” Tiffi shouted.

Berryblue groaned and shot lasers at the Crescent Cutter, forcing Tiffi to release. The Lunarian connected twin beams from her ship’s tips, amassing a large laser. “Who do you think you are?!”

Tiffi smirked. “A secretary!” And her Lunar Beam fired!

Frieza caught up with Jason and swiped his tail: Jason changed direction to where the tail swung, minimizing the damage of the impact. He and Perry still went tumbling a great distance, and the captain felt too strained to stand up right away. “?!” Frieza was frozen by the Blue Lion’s breath.

“That won’t hold long!” Allura said. “We need to form Voltron!”

“Would you have room for one extra?”

Lotor’s voice surprised them. They were delighted to see the emperor’s ship returning. “Lotor!”

“Why’s your ship glowing?” Pidge asked. “It… looks like a Lion!”

“The Purple Lion has awakened in my Sincline!”

“Purple Lion?!” Lance questioned. “There’s never been a Purple Lion!”

“There is now!” Keith declared. “Let’s hope it knows where it fits! FORM VOLTRON!”

The six lions became like colored stars! The operatives watched with anticipation as they soared high into the sky and transformed. The Black Lion shaped like a human torso. The Green Lion wrapped herself around the back. The red one wrapped with her. The yellow inserted itself into the left leg socket and the blue became the right. The Black Lion’s mouth opened to bare the proud, shining face of Voltron. And the Purple Lion latched itself to the pelvis, stretching long.

“…Um…Lotor… are you sure that’s right?” Hunk asked.

“…Now that I look at it, not really.”

Told you there wasn’t a Purple Lion.” Lance grumbled.

“Just allow me to make some adjustments.” Lotor stretched Sincline’s wings, backed up, and wrapped them around Voltron’s hip. “This… doesn’t feel much better.”

“It’s good enough!” Keith said. “Let’s roll!”

Violet flames brimmed around Voltron as he drew his great sword. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” The Defender struck Frieza with all the ferocity they could muster.

A certain pirate ship was approaching the ravaged capital. “Oi, the tykes look like they’re havin’ a riot!” the captain said. “Ah guess that scientist drongo might be here, too.”

“Yep. I can get to the capital from here. Thanks for the lift, Captain!”

Near the palace

Samus limped her way toward the stairs. She hadn’t felt this tired in decades. “Awe, you look tired, Samus.”

She was frozen up to her neck. Once again filled with rage and panic, she twisted as best as she could to meet Rick’s smug face. “’Guess you need to collect those upgrades again. But why don’t you stay put while I finish my business?”

Star and Kid parted with Tetrax as he ran off to regroup with Myaxx. They decided to approach Sector W’s arriving Breegull ship. “Hey, guys!” Star greeted. “You’re just in time for—AAH!”

X Parasites flew out of the children—Star quickly brought up a Block to protect himself Kid. Unfortunately, Jolene and Kent shattered the barrier with their bending. “AAAACK!” Parasites swiftly took hold of the two.

“Crud!” Kid grunted. “If they… get into the Omnitrix…”

“We… should’ve… stuck with Samus…!”

Aniki and Nyoro entered building vents in their squid forms, the parasites infecting the citizens. Katie created illusory parasites with her phone, scaring citizens as they ran into real parasites. Rosa Flores ripped the roofs off buildings and vomited X into them. Mowchan Goron Rolled through some buildings, smashing gaping holes that the X could quickly fly into. “Wub-lubba-dub-dub-dub!” Rick stood atop the palace stairs, beaming at the havoc. “I should’ve done this a long time ago!”

“STOP THIS!” Samus was desperate to escape the ice, but had no strength left. This man was a coward… oh, how she wanted to strangle him!

“Dammit!” Spike Spiegel and Jet Black took cover beside Rivet; she seemed to be their only safe haven as she inhaled parasites into her Vactroid. “How do we stop these things?!”

Rivet looked toward the palace; her fur stood at the sight of Rick, her anger reaching its peak. “HIM!” Kicking on her jetboots, Rivet raced toward the stairs with livid intent.

“HEY, don’t leave us!” Spike chased. Jet joined him, shooting some incoming X with a flamethrower.

“Hm?” Rick co*cked a brow at the Lombax. “Her again, huh? Y’know what, if she wants her dad back so bad, she can have him.”

Rivet slowed to a halt when Rick opened a portal. Emotions overcame her… Ratchet emerged from it. “Dad…”

“Rah…rah…” The hero’s once kind green eyes were pale and ghostly. “Ri…vet…”

Rivet knew better than to let her guard down. She aimed the Vactroid at him, but Ratchet swiftly threw his OmniWrench and knocked it out of her grasp. He dove down and wrestled his daughter to the ground, the X infecting her. “I… failed… Rivet…”

“Awe, what a touching family reunion.” Rick smiled.

Star and Kid fell to their knees. The parasites were eating them inside out. And this time, they had no way to save their selves. Their fellow operatives had fallen to their control, infecting everyone in sight. Things couldn’t end like this… they couldn’t… not when they were so close…

“Looks like this planet is due for a checkup!”

The boys gasped, looking behind them. “Dr. Grayson?!” Star exclaimed. Haruka bore a proud and assuring smile, her dark-blue sparking with hope. X parasites, matching the color of her eyes, orbited the woman. “No… they got you, too?!”

“Don’t worry.” Haruka winked. “Some medicine is healthier than it looks.” With a wave of her arms, more of the parasites came flying out of her, going into all the infected operatives and citizens. And within minutes, they left their systems. The people keeled over in exhaust… but their bodies felt empty and solid again! Star and Kid would experience this their selves after the same treatment.

The parasites went into Ratchet and Rivet. Rivet was healed relatively quickly while Ratchet rolled off her, squirming and groaning. The treatment was a lot more intense on him with how deep his infection was. “Wait, wait, what’s this?” Rick asked, his enjoyment dropping. “Hey! Parasites! Why’re you givin’ a half-assed job all of a sudden?!”

“You’re the man behind all this, correct?” Haruka called as she strolled up to the palace, Star and Kid at her back. “Rick Sanchez?”

“Haruka the Purple Rose?! What’ve you done to my X?!”

“Some of them tried to infect me…” Haruka raised her sharpened purple nails with a smirk. “But I infected them with my OWN parasites! And now they’re H Parasites! Specially trained to seek out and devour any X they see while leaving the hosts intact. Unfortunately…” Haruka looked to Ratchet with a regretful expression, “I don’t think I can completely save hosts that were infected too long. Their internal systems will be too damaged.”

“Oh, no…” Rivet faced her father regretfully. “…Sigh, I just want him to survive.”

“Hell no!” Rick drew the X-Speller. “You think I’m letting you get away with—THAAAAH!”

Spike Spiegel grabbed the arm holding the weapon, kicking Rick off his feet and swiping the X-Speller as the scientist tumbled down the stairs. “SPIKE!” Star and Kid exclaimed.

“Hey now, I think these ones wanna join the party, too.” Smiling coolly, Spike dropped the X-Speller on the ground and stomped it. The X inside escaped, but were quickly chased down by the H.

“OH, you SON OF A…” Rick raised his Grid Gun at the bounty hunter. “That’s it, I’m ending your stupid sci-fi cowboy career once and for-” An H flew inside him. “UUUUUNNNNNGGGG!”

“RICK!” Morty screamed from the rooftop.

“Gyaaaah!” Rick fell the rest of the way down the stairs, clasping his stomach as he felt his insides jellifying.

“Oh, dear.” Haruka said. “For some reason, the H think you’re an X, too. I wonder why that is…” She closed her eyes and nonchalantly tapped the side of her head. “Oh well. Can’t be helped, I guess.”

“AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHH!” More H infected him. He vomited black goo, writhing on the ground. “You… bitch… YOU… BITCH!…” He struggled to pull out his portal gun—“GAH!” But Spike was quick to shoot its capsule, spilling the green fluid out.

“You ain’t getting out of it that easy.” Spike said. Behind him, Jet had thawed Samus from the ice, bringing her to partake in the show.

“Don’t worry, Sanchez.” Rivet trained her Peacemaker on him. “We’ll put you out of your misery.”

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Rivet bombarded him with missiles while Spike shot his Jericho. They allowed Rick no chance to breathe or retaliate. He was already injured from fighting Samus and Rivet earlier, so they were determined to finish the job for good. “PHOENIX PROTOCOL C-216! AAAAAaaaahhhh…”

Eventually, the group saw no sign of struggling or screaming. Rick’s flesh and blood were reduced to ash… and his cybernetic insides were charred beyond use. “…He…he’s gone…” Kid said. He wasn’t sure whether to mourn him… or feel extreme relief.

“Hmm…” Star gazed at the sky with suspicion. “Somehow… I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him.”


The boy heard a cluster of familiar voices, accompanied by the familiar thudding of a giant. Rosa came carrying the Cosmic Heroes! “Guys!”

“Sorry we didn’t catch up earlier.” Jo said as Rosa set them down and shrank. “Those things caught us. Hu-u-u-u-u-u-uh!” She shuddered from the memory. “I never wanna eat jelly again!”

“So, is it time to squash Vilgax flat?!” Rosa slammed her fists down.

“We are.” Star affirmed, facing the slanted, depowered palace. “…But it looks like someone already destroyed things for us.”

“Well, that should make things a bit easier.” George figured.

“I wonder if Mom’s in there…” Star kept this hope in mind as he walked first to the palace.

“’ey, Star!” a certain vendor called to him. “Fixin’ up for a big boss beatin’? Have I got a surprise for you!”

“Numbuh 20x40!” Star excitedly ran up to the Grummel. “A last-minute weapon before the final boss?!”

“That’s just it, though. You’ve already cleared up all my stock… but I was doing some cleaning when I suddenly found this!” He presented a golden hilt with a red gem.

“A… hilt?”

“Yeah. I swear I don’t remember having this. It just poofed outta nowhere. But there’s somethin’ a little… nostalgic about it. And ya know what? I’ll give it to ya free of charge. You’ve worked hard enough to get this far.”

Star smiled and took the hilt. He felt the energy inside it. Deep down… he knew… “Thanks. Are you ready, Kid?”

“I’m ready!” Kid flashed the Omnitrix confidently.

Third Gen Tales - Chapter 132 - Gamewizard2008 (2024)


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